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 The Sanctuary/ RP Suggestion

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PostSubject: The Sanctuary/ RP Suggestion   Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:55 pm

The Sanctuary

The year is 1990. Mankind has long forgotten its true history and now dwells on a world filled with a vacuum of ignorance that eats away the power and purity of every living soul. In this world, there is a blessed oasis. A place where only those deemed pure by Ehtro, the goddess of justice can enter and live a life of truth. That place is called “The Sanctuary”. In Sanctuary, the ones chosen by the goddess are trained to become Knights of Ehtro, virtuous warriors whose sole purpose is aiding their goddess in protecting justice and love on earth.

The Knights are famous for they have achieved the ability to sense the life-force energy that flows thought the universe and are specialists in using such energy in combat. This miraculous energy has being called by many names through human history such as chakra and chi. However, the outer gods named it after the ancient Greek concept of order, Kosmos. From a very early age, the younglings brought to Sanctuary learn about Kosmos, linking themselves to the universe and to Ehtro herself. Once the bond is forged, the young knight will be capable of manipulating kosmos to a certain degree, being capable of achieving superhuman and even supernatural feats such as making of the elements of nature. Every knight can only develop one domain in Kosmos, that depending of the Knights symbol. They are capable of surpassing their bodies` limits to a level only seem in legends themselves.

From the very moment they start their training. Knights are required to consult Ehtro in order to discover what their guardian symbol is. The symbol is the source of the Knights power, granting its Knight a domain over Kosmos. Certain symbols may grant the knight fire or ice powers, others can enable powerful healing abilities and some may even bless its knight with special abilities such as controlling physical phenomenon like sound or light, all that depending on which symbol the knight is given. It is a reference to how the outer gods have influenced mankind though the course of history. Most of symbols represent mystical beasts, heroes and important figures of many cultures from all around the world. After their symbol is unraveled, each knight is given a simple, gladiator-style armor. Made of iron, the armor covers the limbs, knees and upper torso of the Knight. Once the knight wears the armor for the first time, the armor will link itself to its owner, feeding of the Knight’s Kosmo energy in order to change shape, material, ornamentation and even mutate in some cases, in which they create wings, claws, spikes and even tails. All in order to become the incarnation of the Knight`s symbol. The armor wore by the Knights of Ehtro is called “Kamui” or “God Cloth”. It protects them in battles and can never be destroyed as long as the Knight is alive. If damaged, the Kamui will regenerate like a living being and return to its original shape. All in order to show the power deep inside its owner’s soul.

Chapter 1- Atlantida Saint War

This is would be the first storyline I had planned. In this storyline, the world is sufferent from multiple torrential rains that are causing catastrophies all around the globe. Ehtro knows that those are sighs that the Outer God of Ocean, Khasios, had awakened. Many eras ago, Khasios had tried to conquer earth. During that time Ehtro confronted him and as result, put him into a deep slumber. Knowing that her spell wouldn`t keep him asleep forever, the goddess banned him from earth. Locking him away on his kingdom, Atlantida. Now that Khasios came back to life he wishes to have earth for himself in order to create his dreamed utopia. For that he summoned his most powerful servants. The 7 Generals and the Marina Army. His plan is to use the seven Ocean Gems to rise the level of the ocean with continous storms that will rip the planet and then flood it. With Ehtro`s Realm destroyed, he would be free from his banishment and powerful enough to shape earth as he pleases.

Ehtro cannot allow the Ocean God to do as he pleases. So, in order to stop his evil ambitions, the goddess decided to send a small elite group of her most trusted Knights to Atlantida. To fight the Marina army and destroy the Ocean Gems, fooling Khasios' plans once and for all.

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The Sanctuary/ RP Suggestion
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