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 Malriat meets Lucius

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Malriat meets Lucius   Thu May 17, 2012 6:15 pm

Skies of tears in a world swirling with darkness. She sits atop her throne, gazing down at the destruction she has wrought, and frowns. Not because she regrets it. Quite the contrary. Because now there is nothing left to destroy. No minds left to corrupt or tear apart. No more screams creating music like a darkened symphony of an agonizing death. Instead, bodies littered the ground, blood drenched everything, and fires burned anything and everything in its path, casting shadows that crawled over her skin.
"This is..."
She never finished her sentence as her raven dropped down from the blazened skies, perching upon her extended arm. She reached her non-chained arm up and patted its head, her hauntingly beautiful voice calling forth once more.
"Aaah, dear have finally least now I have some company..."
That solitude did not last for very long, however, as her attention was piqued by the sound of an armored body moving slowly towards her from the distance, her immortal hearing capable of reaching quite extended distances. She watched the horizon, her crimson eyes glowing, the light of the flames reflected in them. After quite some time, a body came into view. Sure enough, it appeared to be some kind of knight who was completely encased in armor, dragging a claymore behind him. He was thoroughly covered in blood, seemingly very worn from battle, and he had a large gash through his chestplate. The demoness lifted her arm, sending her raven away, and rising to her feet, corseted gown flowing around her. This time, as she spoke, her voice was coated in pure power and malice as the knight stopped at the base of her throne.
"Why have you come, mortal? Do you seek death?"
She could feel his hate-filled glare. It made her smile a little to know how much he loathed her; enough to turn his aura crimson. It was in his voice, though he strangely soothed her with the melody of notes that spilled forth.
"I am ask for the right to serve you..."
She raised a brow, extremely amused.
"Oh? And why would you ask such a thing?"
"I...have no other purpose..."
She laughed and slowly made her way down the mass of stairs towards the ground, her hips sashaying from side to side, and her leathery wings unfurling slightly.
"No other purpose, hmm? So you'll give up living a normal life, just so you can serve the one who destroyed all that you hold dear?"
She nearly laughed again as she saw him twitch, as though he were barely keeping himself in check. She tilted her head to the side, smirking.
"Remove your helmet, knight. Then bow before me and give me your name"
" wish..."
Ever so slowly, he removed his helmet, and the demoness' jaw nearly dropped. Long, platinum hair fell to his waist, pulled back only by a leather cord. Eyes the brightest of sapphire glowed in defeat as they glanced to the ground. Skin that appeared so very soft, marred only by a thin scar that ran from just above his right eye, to just below his left. She wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch him; and nearly did, her arm extended, until she scowled and withdrew it. The tall man dropped down to his knees, one arm clasped over his chest in the way of a warrior.
"I am Lucius Ethelwin, my lady.......may I be granted the permission to know the name of the one I wish to serve?"
She grinned darkly, moving in front of him and bending so she could reach a hand to tip his chin up and force him to look at her.
"So very polite. You've earned it, I suppose. I am the Lady Demon of Chaos, Malriat..."
Lucius' eyes widened in recognition.
"Malriat?! THE Malriat?!"
She chuckled and nodded.
"Yes. Now rise to your feet, warrior. I have a test for you. A series of questions, if you will..."
Lucius stood up, gazing intently at her.
"I will endure anything you throw at me, milady"
Malriat chuckled again, moving up the stairs to sit upon her throne once more.
"Suppose you fall in love with a beautiful human woman who you greatly desire to be together with. And suppose I do accept you as my personal guardian. If I give you the order to kill her....what will you do?"
He seemed a little disturbed by her question, which greatly pleased her.
"I....must follow my code of honor as a warrior...and kill her, no matter how much it pains me..."
"Good...very good. Next question. A perfectly innocent child insults me and I order you to take his head, despite that he is so pure. Will you obey?"
This time he looked upset, even pained as he replied.
"I must. It is my duty"
Malriat purred in delight, reaching to pet her raven as it dropped down onto her arm again.
"One last question. And this will be...interesting..."
She licked her lips, glowing gaze fixated on Lucius.
"I tell you I wish you to be my consort? Do you give up the position as my warrior to do so?"
"Think hard, my dear Lucius. Your life depends on your answer..."
Silence for several minutes, and Malriat waited, drumming her long black nails on the arm of her throne. She was ready to give up on Lucius and just kill him...when he answered.
"A warrior does anything for his lady to protect her. But unless the feelings were mutal, I would not be your consort, even if you ordered me to. I cannot pretend to love you. That would not protect you. It would leave you vulnerable; and that I cannot allow"
Malriat's frown slowly turned into a pleased smirk.
"I see..."
In a blur, she was standing in front of him, yet he did not flinch. He did, however, have his eyes shut tightly, as though waiting for his fate. She leaned forward, taking his face in her hands.
"Di'rah nai, amarech"
The shadows that had once caressed her skin, now crawled onto his body, seeping into his skin and making his body tremble. Underneath the skin they shifted, then bled through, creating a dark tribal design over his heart. It was Malriat's sigil. She stepped back, admiring her handiwork.
"I accept you, Lucius Ethelwin, as my personal guardian. I do not know of another who would pass up the chance to be my consort. You are worthy of my attentions, mortal. Now come...we're finding a new world to destroy..."
Lucius rose to his feet, eyes now glowing crimson and tears of blood trickling down his cheeks.
" mistress..."

Zeria Iiyasei
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Malriat meets Lucius
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