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 Xnigona's Dragon Roost

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PostSubject: Xnigona's Dragon Roost   Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:42 pm

-Name: Xnigona Negosa Darastix, “The Half Breed”
-Age: 22
-Gender: Male
-Race: Half-dragon, born from Ayllana Wyndfire (human female) and Uskgeou the Unrelenting (Black Dragon male)
-Date of Birth: Dec. 31st
-Current Location: Unknown. To avoid hurting those around d him, Xnigona constantly stays on the move.
-Hometown/Original Birthplace: Desolate village of Gutharix, no longer in existence.
Father=Uskgeou the Unrelenting (whereabouts unknown)
Mother=Ayllana Wyndfire (deceased)

Personality: Though usually having a kind soul, Xnigona is very untrusting of people having been the target of multiple assaults, captures and assassinations just for existing. He is polite to those that take the time to acknowledge him and has a good sense of humor when he feels relaxed. He is not quick to judge others, but is always weary. Slow to anger, his half-dragon blood could cause him to go into an insatiable bloodlust that could (and has) devastated whole villages which he tries desperately to avoid. When wandering, his thoughts are ever maddening with visions of his past failures, including his village and his mother. Though he distrusts the world, he seeks it out to ease the pain of his memories, taking comfort in things that can distract his mind. Annoyed by people that think themselves higher than others, he will not hesitate to stand up for the oppressed while still keeping a cool and level head.

--Equipment: Having not taken to the more modern day weaponry, Xnigona prefers old traditional weaponry with some special modifications made by an old weapon smith that wanted to aid Xnigona in an age of guns. Across his bare chest are several straps that form an X across his chest and acts as a sheath for his blade on his back. A chain wraps around his waist, acting as a belt, that ties in the back. A single knife adorns his right side. His arms are bare save for twin metal bracers made of a jet black metal on the forearm side, and a elastic stretchy material on the underside allowing the bracer to expand if needed. A mechanical device can be seen on the undersides of both.

-Tatsu no Dorigon, rifle blade – The blade upon X’s back is a 5ft straight broad sword with a few remarkable features, such as an ornamental dragon mouth roaring at the end of the hilt and a trigger looking device near the guard on the hilt side. However, this simple looking weapon is actually a great feet in engineering. While still useable as a steel blade, the internal structure actually houses a complicated mechanism similar to that of a high powered rife. X can hold his blade by the guard in such a way that the “mouth” of the dragon head on the hilt acts as the barrel. The power of the rife is equivalent to that of a high powered sniper rifle. With his special eyes, X can pick targets off at long distances with ease and quickly switch back to using it as a blade. How the gun itself functions only the creator knows, and he has long since passed.

-Claws of the Dragon, retractable kamas- The undersides of his bracers house a mechanism that unfolds a set of kamas into his hands to be used at a moment’s notice. The dual kamas extend with the hilts in the palms, allowing him to grip them and disconnect them from the devices. Both are solid black kept sharpened. When he is done, he can stick the ends back into the device and they will fold back up flat and even with the bracer.

-Dragon Fang- The dagger kept on X’s side is fashioned from an actual dragon’s tooth he found in his home, belonging to his father. Despite being made from a tooth, it has an incredibly sharp edge.

-Chain - The chain wrapped around his waist is nothing remarkable with a small iron ball on one end, yet he can use it as a weapon. By unhooking the end from behind him, he can whip it off and around to entangle his opponents. X has become adept at spinning the chain in front of him at high speeds, deflecting most bullets fired upon him, but tires him out quickly.

Dragon Blood – Being born with a dragon father, Xnigona carries within him a great power to transform into a black dragon, either in part or wholly, however the more he takes on the form of the dragon the more the beast within him takes over and his sanity becomes lost to bloodlust. Xnigona’s control over his transformation is so refined that he could change a single finger into a claw at will. His abilities even allow him to grow appendages that a normal human would not normally own such as wings from his shoulder blades, a tail and horns, though these rip though clothing which is why Xnigona rarely wears a shirt. When a part of him changes, that area becomes black and scaly with a think hide that can repel most blades, but not as effective against bullets without changing into a full dragon. The longer a battle persists, the more at risk Xnigona is at losing control and taking the form of his dragon counterpart.

-Dragon Breath- Xnigona can breathe fire like a dragon. He does, however, have limited reserves for how long he can use it before he must let them charge back up over time. X can use this in both dragon and human form.

Appearance: Xnigona is a slightly tall, built man at about 6’7”. He has almost shoulder length silver hair, yet he keeps it dyed black to avoid drawing attention to himself, though water will usually wash it away because he doesn’t do a very good job of it. His natural eye color is a deep blue, but he can switch between those and golden dragon-like eyes, which give him better vision at longer ranges and night vision. His skin is slightly tanner than the average person from having been on the road and traveling most of his life. He wears nothing from the waist up, save for two straps that cross across his chest for his sheath, because he is tired of losing shirts when he has to use his wings. His forarsma are adorned with jet black bracers (see equipment). His black trooper pants have multiple pockets on it containing a wide variety of traveling supplies, herbs and bandages as well as some other interesting tools. A chain belt holds his pants up, wrapped around his waist and ties off in the back that can be easily undone and taken off. His feet are covered by very simple cloth shoes with leather souls on the bottom, often times ripped when he changes his feet. His bare chest is adorned with battle scars from multiple ambushes, varying from bullet wounds in his shoulder and a large diagonal cut across his back. X tries to look as non-remarkable as possible.

Dragon Form – When Xnigona gives in to the black dragon within him, he becomes a destructive force that thirsts for blood and death. Striped of all sanity, the animalistic blood of his father seizes control. When he completely transforms his size increases to that of a small cottage, his limbs become claws and he walks on all fours. His entire body becomes jet black with shimmering scales and his pointed teeth protrude from the sides of his jaws as two massive horns curve from the side of his head pointing forward. The scales in dragon form are thick and repel even bullets. If for some reason the dragon is cut, his blood is acidic, burning that which it touches. In this state, Xnigona is unaware of what he is doing and, so far, has never been able to switch back on his own. The only way to stop this force is after he has killed every living thing in sight or wound it greatly, to which it reverts back to Xnigona.

Xnigona is not supposed to exist. The world of dragons and mortals should never cross paths as they have with him. His father, Uskgeou the Unrelenting, was a powerful black dragon that was known for his rage and bloodlust on the battlefield. He had destroyed cities, burned lands and toppled empires at the peak of his reign…but that was a long time ago. In his old age, the ancient wyrm became less of a tyrant though still sought out the pleasures of the world. During one of his exploits, he fell in love with a human woman, whose beauty captivated him. He took upon the form of a human noble and seduced the young woman named Ayllana. After courting the beautiful lass, he took off…leaving her with child. Months later, the half-breed was born, half dragon and half human. Ayllana raised her son the best she could as a single mother, not knowing what strange powers the boy possessed or knowing of his father’s dragon heritage. At the age of 8, Xnigona became enraged by some local village boys, mocking him for his slivery hair, and the black dragon within emerged for the first time. Xnigona awoke to a scene death and destruction covered in blood. Lying at the young boy’s feet was his last victim, his mother. Terror struck the young boy. In one act of anger, he had lost everything; his home, his mother, his friends…all gone. Xnigona left behind the ruined village and his old life and wandered the woods for days before realizing he had no idea what he was doing. Coming across a town, Xnigona was taken in by a kind weapon smith. The smith trained the young man in the art of combat with bladed weapons, noting that the youth took fondly to the larger, heavier broadswords. Still unsure of who or what he was, He left the town after a few years. The weapon smith gave Xnigona a parting gift, his best work he had ever created, a large broadsword with a build in hidden rifle and a twin pair of bracers that could retract and unfold a twin pair of steel kamas. With these gifts, Xnigona took off and disappeared into the woods. He would later learn that the same town had been destroyed by a massive army searching for a boy with silver hair…
Over time, X would learn his true nature…as a half-breed born of dragon blood and he learned to control the beast within. Several attempts had been made on his life since the day he left that town…people wanting him dead for what he was, people that wanted to capture him for his power, others just to test their might against the dragon-man. He became to trust no one…yet longed to be in society. Dying his hair black, haunted by the memories of his past, he wanders the world never giving up on finding who or what he is…

"Leave it Alone" -Disturbed
"Remember Everything" - Five Finger Death Punch
"The Animal" -Disturbed
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Xnigona's Dragon Roost
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