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 Zombie Apocalypse - Sign Ups

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Zombie Apocalypse - Sign Ups   Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:10 am

Thanks to Kitty for assembling the majority of what you see below. Everything is his original creation with the exception of the information I added to the plot and my own character (obviously XD).


A year ago, a deadly virus began to sweep over the entire North American continent. This deadly virus turned people into living zombies and was transmitted by biting. One bite from one of these "zombies" would turn a normal human into the living undead. The virus worked by slowly sapping the persons strength, until they could barely move at all. Then it killed them, and resurrected them as a zombie. Most cities have been infested with "them" so the only safe place is the unpopulated areas. Those who have managed to survive have formed traveling caravans, working to eradicate all zombies they find and to survive throughout this dangerous time. Each caravan is usually packed full of different people and things. Every caravan has several larger vehicles carrying supplies (tents and blankets, food and drink, weapons, etc). There are multiple kinds of weapon specialists to each group as well, varying from sword masters to gun masters. Recently, one caravan has been dealing with something potentially dangerous. They think they found a prototype cure for the virus in an old laboratory. They took it with them, swearing only to use it if one of they were bitten. But their struggles have only begun. Their goal? Survival. One bite from a zombie, and they could be done for...

Character Template:


Vehicle (If have one):

1. Please try to be as literate as you can. At least use full sentences when you type.
2. Try to be as mature as you can, don't be all: "LOLZOMBIESI'MMASHOOTTHEMFOO'SDEAD!"
3. Try to have fun. xP
4. For Equipment, don't overload yourself too much, 'they' are slow, but they can still catch you off guard if you aren't careful.
5. As for vehicles, not everyone has one, some people can share one or drive one of the supply trucks, just don't make it too crazy.

~The RP itself will be up as soon as we have at least 3-4 people participating~

Name: Zeria Iiyasei
Age: 21
Personality: Zeria, though having an air of elegance and beauty about her, is generally very cold to people. She rarely smiles, unless she is having a good time, and tries to keep her voice emotionless. This comes from losing her closest friend. When meeting a new person, she will be respectful and at least shake hands with them, but still retains her coldness. She refuses to cry if anyone is nearby, but will do so if she is alone and remembering her lost comrade. If the situation calls for it, she can act perfectly ladylike, and gentle. She doesn't trust anyone until she feels they've earned it and proven they won't betray her. She has a severe anemia, but rarely lets anyone know, preferring to just let herself pass out and recuperate while she's out and let everyone think she's just overly tired and sleeping.

Background: Zeria grew up as a loner. From childhood on, she was shunned because of her strange hair and eye color. Even her parents eventually gave up on their "strange child", and just told her to do whatever she wanted. Through elementary school, she would always be alone on the playground, kicking rocks around and talking to things that were not there. Through Jr. High, it was similar, except she was always sitting and drawing her imaginary friends, instead of just talking to them. The summer between Jr. High, and High School, she took 2 different martial arts classes, to ensure she would be okay if people tried to hurt her. High school was utter hell, people constantly teasing and taunting her, and she ended up in multiple fights. She never lost. Sure, she was injured a bit, but having trained in martial arts, she was easily able to defend herself. One day, she met a new student named Julius, and the two immediately became the closest of friends. They defended each other when picked on, did homework together every night, worked out together, ate lunch together, etc. She kept her grades up the best she could, striving to obtain knowledge in anything possible, and managed to graduate. Upon graduation, she and Julius both joined in a military academy, training together to become even stronger. Their relationship grew into the highest friendship one could have, and even more, to a bond that made them inseparable. Until the outbreak. They were both called out to fight the zombies. They were in the same area, fighting side by side. And the battle seemed to be going well, despite the constant onslaught of a fully zombified town, but all swiftly turned to tragedy. While Zeria was fending off a rather strong zombie, Julius was bitten. Zeria had swiftly rushed in and pulled him away without being bit herself, and brought him to a small, secluded alley that was inaccessible by the zombies. There, she laid him down. He begged her to kill him, and after she shed many tears, she finally agreed. With a final gentle kiss to his lips, she put her blade through his heart, and a bullet in his head. That is how she managed to get a drop of blood on her locket, with a picture of the both of them when they first started at the academy. After mourning him for a month, she finally decided to find more of the survivors, and team up with them to protect everyone from the zombies, remaining emotionless on the outside so none could see the raging turmoil and sorrow within her.

Description: She has long, fiery red hair that is usually tied back in a black hair tie. Her eyes are usually a vivid viper yellow, but will change occasionally with extreme emotions. Her skin is so is pale, a creamy white color, that people often think her ill, but she is in perfect health. She wears body tight black leather pants, daggers inserted into a few spots in the lining. Her top is black, leather, corset style, and also rigged with daggers, including one tucked as boning of the top, completely hidden from view. Zeria carries a black backpack-like bag for medical and other supplies. Though seemingly small, it holds quite a bit in it. She also wears a special setup that straps to her back to fix her two swords to her shoulders (similar to what Cloud uses in FF7:AC for his buster sword). She wears a pair of black combat boots that both lace and buckle, but are light enough that she can run fast with them. A long black cloak also is a part of her ensemble, though she often just packs it away in her bag. Her jewelry consists of a silver locket necklace. On the inside of it is a picture of her and a brown haired guy, both of them smiling at the camera, the guy's arm around a younger looking Zeria's waist. The locket has a tiny droplet of blood splattered on it. On her arms are black, leather vambraces that have metal bars in between the leather. You’ll never forget her tattoos. There is a “Z” tattoo on her neck and left shoulder. There is a black dragon tattoo that wraps around and goes up her right leg. Then, on her back, is a tattoo of a sword through a rose with petals scattered about. And the kanji's for Death and Darkness are entertwined over her heart.
(Similar to this, only with really really red colored hair, and a locket)

Equipment: Anything and everything that her caravan can find.


Theme Song: "Radical" by The 69 Eyes

Zeria Iiyasei
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Zombie Apocalypse - Sign Ups
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