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 Mystic Phantasm - RP

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Mystic Phantasm - RP   Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:25 am

Mystic Phantasm

The story takes place in an alternate, medieval Earth. In this world, society is powered by a force called Magick. This energy source flows through all living beings, and the world itself. People have been granted the ability to harness Magick, and work miracles with it. These powers playing a powerful role in life for the people. While most people are only able to use elemental Magick, others have been gifted with more unique magick, and are often either nobles or thieves.

While much of the world is covered in land, just like our Earth, this one is largely unpopulated. As such, only one continent houses a significant amount of people: Sar-Sarath. This continent is a hub of magical energy, the terrain changing abruptly in certain areas.

The Raizo are a criminal organization secretly based in the western region, where few travelers ever fare, let alone survive in. They're currently trying to amass an army to rival that of the Northern and Eastern Kingdoms, so that they can take a complete rule over the continent. But not just any army. An army of the dying races, the rare breeds, creatures with super unique abilities, and those with insane amounts of power. The Raizo is named so because it is run by the 5 Raizo brothers, led by the oldest brother, Szartan. Right now their focus is on the siren woman Aria, the half viera male Zodiarne, and the vampire prince Nikolas. Only time can tell what will be the fate of these people...and perhaps the others who cross their paths...

Southern District
The Southern District is a lush forest, filled with crystal streams and tall trees. Magick is most strongly drawn to this portion of the land, and as such the soil is infinitely fertile, and people live happy lives here with ease. They live within the giant trees, and can literally bathe in magick essence, which pours out in vents. Most villages are formed around these vents.

Eastern District
The eastern district is the capital. Many small villages can be found in these woodlands, as well as a riverside castle, which holds the king himself. He rules over the southern, eastern, and central districts with a righteous fist. Much work, and often help, can be found here. A cheerful community.

Central District
The central district is very fertile, and has been cleared for farmland and ranches. These peaceful plains are home to many magick guilds, farmers, ranches, and small hobbles. Many mystic experiments are performed harmlessly within the far-stretching lands here. The central district isn't widely populated, despite its large size. However, authorities keep the reason why confidential.

Western District:
No magick whatsoever exists here. It seems the land itself sucks magick from anything that enters it. The vast desert extends a great deal, and many people who wander in here die without hope. There are rumors of a castle that appears and dissapears like a mirage here. No proof of a castle or any inhabitants have been found here. Only large, intimidating beasts.

Northern District
The northern district is a land covered in diamond-like snow. Due to fear of over-powering the people, the king of the eastern district let his brother rule the northern area himself. While they are allies, they are not exactly friends. The northern district king does not find value in his brother's ways, and leads by muscle alone. The borders are not heavily guarded, as the weather itself does that by itself. Despite the bone-chilling weather, it's not a bad place to live. The only settlement is the king's castle, but comfort is always available here... especially for thieves who hide from the eastern king.


Similar to those found in most rpg's: warriors, martial artists, mages, etc. All characters can use some type of magick, however they are not to be overpowered. In otherwords, no, you are NOT able to summon hellfire from the sky above.

If you don't post within a week of your last post without notifying myself or Caleb first, your character can get killed off or taken over by either myself or Caleb. Also, kindly try not to leave the two of us behind in posts, since we are the originators of this RP.

Upon entering most towns/cities, I will offer an amount of gold to every character. This gold can be used to buy items at certain towns, villages, etc, which I will list at the first entry post of each town. Also, if your character has a job/skill they can use in towns, they can also earn money that way.


Zeria Iiyasei
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Mystic Phantasm - RP
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