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 Just A Mercenary - (Zeria and Caleb Only)

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Just A Mercenary - (Zeria and Caleb Only)   Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:08 pm

She was edgy. No. More than edgy. She was itching to make the kill. To get the mission completed. Her slender fingertips danced over the hilt of the blade strapped to her right thigh. Her vivid yellow eyes were fixated on a man sitting across the tavern. A vampire she'd been contracted to kill. He was sitting across the table from a busty blonde human female, looking like he was absolutely dying to get into her panties. Gods knew, he probably was. But Zeria didn't care. Her goal was to take him out, then get back to Headquarters, turn in her completion, and find another job to do. Life was too boring if she didn't have something to do. She had to keep moving. And at that moment, sitting in the corner of a tavern and watching the sick freak toy with his dinner was driving her crazy. She had to make her move.

-Calm down,'ll get your chance...just wait for the right moment...- she thought to herself.

It was no use to get hasty. One mistake could cost you your life, and she had no intentions of dying. Not anytime soon. Not to mention, there were still too many people in the tavern. She needed to wait until at least 2 more civilians cleared out before she could make her move without causing too much of a panic. She was delighted when a drunk old man got up and stumbled his way out the door. And even moreso when another man got up, heading for the door. She started to rise from her seat, her fingers closing around the hilt of her favorite dagger. 5. She took a step forward. 4. Closer. 3. Closer still. 2. He was opening the close. Just another second. The patron paused, turning around, and Zeria swore. She was too close to the table now. Stealthily, she stashed her dagger back at her hip, walking over to the table and flashing one of those ridiculously fake charming smiles to the vampire.

"Well hi there...I'm sorry, I couldn't help but notice you from across the room..."

The vampire looked up at her, doing a head to toe body scan, and deciding that her 'assets' pleased him. He flashed her a grin that had the blonde's panties getting in a frustrated twist. Zeria just kept smiling, despite that she desperately wanted to slit his throat and wipe the grin off his face.

"Have we met before, beautiful?"
"No. I just...couldn't help but come over here to talk to you and find out your name..."
"I'm Evan. It's a pleasure to meet you....?"

He let the sentence trail off, clearly seeking her name. She whipped some bullshit together. If she told him her actual name, he would know who she was. The name Zeria Iiyasei was pretty damned famous. Being one of the few S-Class Mercenaries in the world did that to you.

"I'm Anna. It's nice to meet you too"
"Well then...pleasure to meet you...Anna..."

Zeria had to fight back a shudder of disgust at the blatant sexual desire in his voice. As if she'd ever hook up with a leech like him. The patron at the door was turning to leave again. Zeria could have sworn that time was ticking in slow motion. In her mind, she screamed at the fucking civilian to leave so she could get things over with. But he kept talking to the damned barkeep...

Zeria Iiyasei
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Just A Mercenary - (Zeria and Caleb Only)
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