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 Warder's Warden - Warder's characters

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PostSubject: Warder's Warden - Warder's characters   Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:13 pm

-List of my character's. Some may be works in progress. If you have suggestions and/or questions, feel free to contact me. Character's can be molded to 'fit' specific 'worlds/universes/rp's/or whatever.

Name: Logan Dreki Bjornsen "The Crimson Wyrmsbane."
-Age: 27
-Gender: Male
-Race: Dracoliean - Dragon/Human Hybrid.
-Date of Birth: September 21st.
-Current Location: Purchased a small condo in a secluded portion of the forest surrounding the school. Located 4 miles away from the school. Next to the home is a creek that flows into a small lake.
-Hometown/Original Birthplace: Small town called Peterborough in the mountains of Colorado.
Father= Micheal Olaf Bjornsen
Mother= Samantha Eldrid Bjornsen (maiden name= Willsfjord)
Sister = Tiffany Sigurd Bjornsen (deceased as of age 15)
Brother = Steven Vulfen Bjornsen (deceased as of age 9)

Personality: Logan has worked hard to gain control of his emotions and instincts and has been largely successful. Usually he is a fairly calm, level headed individual, but certain things set him off; Mistreatment and disrespect to women and children and those close to him. He is nice until he forced not to be, and then he can be scary. He is somewhat scared of himself and losing control of his temper and/or instincts as in the past he had done things he isn't proud of. Due to this he can often be closed off to others and especially to his emotions. Due to his constant moving around and reclusiveness of his younger years in addition to his years fighting in wars he has had limited relationships with the opposite sex, hence he can come off as shy.

-Equipment: Normally when at work (teaching) he wears khaki slacks, a tan long sleeved shirt under a thin black sports coat. When colder he sometimes wears a sweater.
When off, in casual wear, is partial to cargo pants and shorts. Long Sleeved muscle shirts.

-Hunting/Combat Gear;
Camo colored cargo pants (reinforced with runic enchantments) tan combat boots (steel toed, also rune warded) black long sleeve shirt (rune warded) with a black ballistic tactical vest(rune warded) dual sheathes on back, another on left hip. Olive drab combat gloves, reinforced knuckles. Has bracer on left forearm that can extend into a small circle shield.

-Soulreaver; Katana's whos blade was forged from a massive ancient wyrms fang. Blade is ivory in color, with crimson runes carved into the side of the blade. A blade forged and heavily enchanted to combat evil dragons and their followers. Cuts from this blade can literaly rend souls, causing injury beyond the physical plane.

Solari and Lunari;
Twin Ninjato's that go in sheathes on back. Powered with the runes of the Sun and the Moon, Solari can unleash fire along the blade, Lunari Ice. Designed to combat certain dragons, dragonkin and other beings with weakness to Heat and Cold. Solari's blade is a steel color with a warm orangish glow to it, as if the metal is going soft from over heating. Lunari exudes cold from it, a steelish blue color to it.

Heavily modified Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol in holster on right hip. Can fire rune enhanced rounds for greater effect against dragons and their ilk.

Heavily modified HK G3 .308 caliber assault rifle. Capable of firing enhanced rounds also.

Combat/throwing knives on vest and both ankles.

-Appearance: Fairly short blight blonde hair with reddish highlights. Steel blue eyes, with golden flecks in them. Slightly tanned skin, slight 'farmers tan'. 6 foot 2 inches in height, 205 lbs. Fit build. Strong nose. Slightly elongated canines. Thin and faded 4 inch scar running diagonally from just under left ear towards chin. Hidden away under his long sleeves are runes inscribed into his skin in black. Runes also appear on back around shoulder blades in a almost wing shape. Runes also appear on lower back along the spine.

-Dragon Blood abilities/characteristics;
As a 'Dracoliean', a Dragon/Human Hybrid, Logan usually appears quite human. Even with his draconic blood subdued, he enjoys somewhat heightened strength, speed, reflexes, eyesight and regenerative factor. Logan has yet to master his dragon side, prone to losing himself to his anger and instincts when pushed to far.
The more his blood is raised, the more aspects he takes on. At first it can be subtle. Pupils began to slit, and start to glow red-gold. Nail start to elongate along with canines. Scalelike protusions begin to appear, first on knuckles, elbows, knees, feet, chin and brows. This is the 1st 'level' of his blood manifesting itself. He becomes stronger, faster, more durable. His eyesight heightens, allowing low light vision. He begins to let off heat passively. He can breathe fire, though in limited amounts.

The 2nd 'level' is far more noticeable. He grows full set of fangs and claws. Dragon wings sprout from back. Most of skin is covered in small red scales now. He appears as a bipedal, human sized lizard with wings. At this stage he can now readily control his powers of fire. Use it a aura around him and breathe it at will. Though the more his powers manifest, the less control he has and the more his instincts rise.

The 3rd 'level' has only happened once under great duress. He lost control and fully transformed into a drake. Red scaled with curved black horns he glows red and blasts out heat from him as he grows to a mature drake of almost 40 feet in length. At this point he is no longer a thinking human, but a predator of instinct.

There is also a smaller form of this 'final form'. Instead of growing to the size of a bus, with greater control he can only grow to about the size of a horse. But he doesn't yet have that ability and control.

Logan is a rare being, half human, half dragon. His father, a human who was a career military officer, met his mother on a training exercise in the remote mountains of Norway. After marrying they moved to a secluded town in the Colorado mountains to live their lives.

Logan was just about to turn 13 when the shock of entering puberty manifested itself even more prominently than in ordinary teens. He found himself going through odd moments of rage and intense hormone swings. That's when he was finally told the truth and his mother showed him her true form. Growing older with his younger siblings he was taught of his abilities, but it was difficult for him to master them as he and his siblings were such a rarity. His father trained him in the ways of a warrior, to follow him in job, as a mercenary, which was a cover for hunting those non human forces that wanted to subject and/or destroy mankind and it's allies.

When he was 15 he began going on missions with his father and his comrades. It was several years later when this came back to haunt him as a particulary powerful and deviant old wyrm named Syldromous, found the whereabouts of their family and had his younger sister and brother killed.

After this Logan went off on his own and found others to continue the fight. Finally at the age of 24 he decided to have some peace and go study and finished his off and on college education and became a certified at the age of 27 as a History teacher with a minor is Physical Education instructing.

-Life Mottos: "Siv Vas Pacem, Parrabellum." (If you want peace, prepare for War.) - Vegatius

-Theme and Battle Songs:
"Your Going Down!" - Sick Puppies
"Industructable" - Disturbed

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Warder's Warden - Warder's characters
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