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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: SITE RULES   Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:28 pm


•Multiple Accounts:
Please be aware that we do not allow members to have more than one account. If you create a second/duplicate account for no valid reason it will be banned along with a large possibility that your main account will be suspended.

•Post Length & Content
At RPSanctum, we discourage short posts lacking in elaboration or a clear reference to the original topic. Posts generally under one sentence will be asked to be expanded upon if necessary and moderators have the right to mod edit or delete the post if it is completely off-topic or exceedingly short. This rule is simply put in place because it's really not all that difficult to put a little more description or information into your posts. Also, please keep your content at PG13 level preferably. However, should you wish to post something potentially R-rated, clear it with an admin or moderator. Nothing is to be extremely explicit, or go any further than 'making out' when it comes to romantic content.

•NO Pornography:
We would like to stress that if anything can be deemed to be as pornography the person who posts it will be instantly banned. There will be no infractions or suspensions; it will just be a straight out ban, much more if it is something as vile as child pornography. This is due to child pornography being such a sickening illegal offense and could have many people on the site in trouble with the police, alongside the site being shut down entirely.

•Existing Threads:
Please check and see if there are any existing threads about a topic that interests you before you start creating any threads; it may have already been created by another user.

•Copyright Infringement/Plagiarism:
Basically do not post something which does not belongs to you. This includes copying posts from others and reposting them in other areas, claiming a piece of media (signatures, banners, music, art, et cetera) and/ or ideas as if it were your own and/or without giving prior credit to the rightful owner. You can use other people's work as reference as long as you do not duplicate it exactly as it is written. We do know that ideas are not always original and that most pieces of literature/art/media were based on previous projects, but please refrain from duplicating other's work without prior consent from the author. If you are caught doing this, you will receive an infraction and a suspension might be or not issued depending on the level of infringement to this rule.

Posting spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) is forbidden outside of specific threads designed for such purposes. Should you post spam outside of those threads, you will first recieve a warning, and if you fail to comply with said warning, result in the deletion of your post and potentially an infraction.

You are expected to treat members here as you would like to be treated, therefore the actions concluding in "flaming" another member (whether part of staff or not) are strictly forbidden. By flaming we define it as insulting and/or provoking another member taking it to a personal level. Such action will not be tolerated and will result in infraction, suspension, or upon severity of the case, permanent banning.

If ANY sort of racist, sexist or prejudice remarks (skin colour, beliefs, gender etc) are spotted within RPSanctum either by a member of staff or reported by another member, action will be taken, even if the person suspected of making them only did it in a joking manner. They are serious matters and can cause an extreme amount of offense to the person who the comments are aimed at or if a member stumbles across them as they are extremely disrespectful/offensive and will NOT be tolerated.

Please respect all members who have joined RPSanctum.. If you wish to express a concern about a new member then please contact a member of staff via PM straight away with quotes/evidential proof if necessary. DO NOT take things into your own hand, older members, you should know better than to demoralize and start arguments with members old and new so please just contact a member of staff and you will save yourself from getting into trouble.

As for new members, please respect older members, if you feel that more experienced or older members are trying to demean or intending to cause you offense then please contact a member staff ASAP as we do not wish to have to separate an argument. Therefore, let the staff members deal with them.

•Etiquette Posting:
Whilst we are by no means grammar Nazis, and very rarely this is punishable but please try to post in a way members will be able to understand what you’re saying as people can get upset easily if they can’t read ones post because of “1337/Txt Spk” as not everyone can understand abbreviations. However, if you insist on using abbreviations, please only do 1 or 2 in a post maximum, we do not want to say whole posts of “1337” and if you do chances are your post will be deleted.

•Respecting ‘Real’ Names/Gender/Privacy/Harassment:
I will make this relatively simple. If someone does not wish to share their personal information with you, DO NOT harrass them for it. Doing so will result in immediate punishment, whether it be infraction, suspension, or even banning from the site.

Anyone with inappropriate usernames will be changed and also depending on the seriousness of the name which could include; racist/sexist/prejudice/pornographic remarks etc, could deem whether you receive a warning/infraction/suspension or banned from the site entirely.

•Foreign Character Usernames:
Whilst we understand many people want original and creative usernames, we must ask not to use foreign characters (Japanese, Asian etc.) This is not because we disagree or have a prejudice against them, it’s for the simple reason that a lot of members do not have language packs/Japanese/Foreign fonts installed on their computers which means your name will appear as ‘boxes’ instead of character.

•Handling Complaints:
Complaining is allowed to a very certain extent. Should there be an issue you have with one of the functions of the site, posting a thread for such is allowed. However, posting a complaint about other members is not. Any problems you have with another member should be discussed with either an Administrator or a Moderator. If you have a problem with an Administrator, discuss it with the other Administrator.

Disclaimer: Concerning Rule/Guideline Edits:

We do hold the right to edit/change/amend any of the rules you see here at any time. However, if there is a rule change, there will be an announcement to notify you of such. Rule changes will not be made without the consent of both Administrators.

*The great majority of these rules were originally written by a friend for another forum we were on together. He has given me permission to use them for this forum as well, with my slight edits to them*
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