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 The many faces of Stephen Hownam

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Kira Yamato


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PostSubject: The many faces of Stephen Hownam   Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:31 am

I will be posting all of my characters in here, but they will have specific RP uses, i.e Fantasy, General, or Scifi and they will be noted as such.

First off,
Fantasy Char:
Name: Stephen Hownam
Age: 25
Race: Human
Class: Dragon slayer

Height: 6 foot 4 inches
weight:245 Pounds
Build: Athletic
Distinguishing marks: Tribal tattoo on his left shoulder

Weapon: Bladed lance:
This mystic weapon was synthesized in the Fires of a volcano, giving a slight bost to Stephen's magic, it is predominantly a physical weapon the blade is a foot long, and the handle starts at a single foot long, or can be extended to 4 feet, depending on it's requirement. it's a simple blade and hilt that looks like This

Personality: Stephen is cold and cut off, he allows his physical properties and his intimidating appearance speak for him as he is a man of few words. Stephen has few friends and doesn't rely on anyone else, he is more one to us his own strength to help people.

abilities: although similar to a Dragoon, the Dragon slayer has minor fire elemental abilities to make up for being unable to jump great hight and distances.

Flaming Gauntlet: an ability Stephen only uses when he has been disarmed, the Gauntlet on his right hand ignites, giving Stephen a slight increase to his hand to hand power, this ability looks similar to his Fireball ability, and makes it easier for him to use it as his arm is already coated in fire. Drains more magic power the longer it is in use

Fireball: small fireball is thrown from the hand, taking little magic power to call it.

Fire: a Simple fire spell, small amount of magic power to use

Burning thrust: Stephen ignites the blade of his Bladed lance, and then extends it in a thrusting motion towards his foe, the range can vary up to 5 feet because of his weapon. uses a moderate amount of magic power.

Fira: moderate fire spell with moderate power drain

Afterburn: Stephen slashes downwards in an arc, cutting through his enemy and to the floor, as his blade hits the floor a cone of flame burst forward and damages opponents behind the original target. Almost completely drains Stephen, this is used as a last ditch effort to try and slay a foe.

Bio: Born in a small town, Stephen's father was a hunter who prided himself on wining the festival of the hunt tournament many times, he trained his son to wield both a sword and a spear to make him a more efficient warrior. Stephen's mother died during child birth, and so Stephen never had chance to get to now her.

Stephn's Father raised his son the only way he knew how, showing little to no emotion, it is because of this that Stephen has become cold and closed off. When Stephen turned 18 he took part in his first festival of the hunt tournament, and it was in this very tournament that his father was bested by a great beast, and was killed.

Stephen reached his father in time for his final breathes, but not soon enough to do anything about it, his father's Final words were "be great, son" as he handed his Bladed Lance to his son. a weapon synthesized in a volcano, Stephen's anger took over and he Killed the beast that took his father's life, Stephen left town afterwards, and would not return for many years.

on his 21st Birthday Stephen awoke on an Inn floor, His armour on and his Bladed lance laid next to him, he slowly picked himself up and looked around his hotel room there was no hint of how he had returned. he now had the ability to use minor fire magic, once he stepped outside, and the people of the village saw how he had changed, a blood red tint to his eyes a story was born of how he was dragged through the fires of hell, and returned to slay Dragons, this is what he has been doing ever since.
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The many faces of Stephen Hownam
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