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 Braveheart- The meaning of Strength

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PostSubject: Braveheart- The meaning of Strength    Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:10 pm

The sound of oceans could be heard churning, the orange sun loomed in the horizon. It didn't seem like much, but to the man standing on the bow of his ship, it was all he needed to know.

War was coming.

That was 20 years ago, in the land of Rodin. A lot of things have passed since then, but one person remains the same. The King of Rodin, Faust was there in that battle, and saw his family and all his loved ones get killed by the great evil. He didn't care though, they died for a just cause. He touched the spot where his right arm used to be and grimaced. It was a reminder of that horrible day. The veteran made his way through the tree's and into the courtyard of his castle, wondering where all the time had gone.

"20 Years..has it really been that long?" he said thoughtfully to himself. Stepping into the main room, his eyes widened with what he saw. Someone was sitting in his throne, a man with blazing red hair. It was the great evil from 20 years ago, Kyoshizo. The evil man looked up at Faust and smirked before saying.

"Yo Ol' buddy, ready to get to it again?" he said cooly.


*Chapter 1 will be continued at a later date and after criticism.*
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Braveheart- The meaning of Strength
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