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 Death of a traitor. [A bleach based story]

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PostSubject: Death of a traitor. [A bleach based story]   Mon May 02, 2011 7:24 am

Death of a traitor.

Note; This is a mission I have done for another site, it has a group called the BARPG.
For this, I am starting off at a recruits level, so a trainee with no other powers than shunpo and hakuda skills.

~Chapter 1~

God damn it, the night was hot. How could someone thrive in this heat? Not even Kyle knew. It was like a blistering hot pan had been taken off the hot plate and placed on him. Well, not quite to that extreme. Throughout the entire night the 7th division trial member could hear the party screams, music and relentless noise of drunken people having some fun. However, getting drunk and all of the above didn't seem like Kyle's cup of tea. It wasn't a very nice night; it also made him wonder why the other divisions were throwing such a big party, especially at this time and at the certain night and the weather is purely horrible for throwing a party. However, this wasn't the main thing on the kangaroo's mind at the time; he was still in a major overhaul about the recent events and attacks of hollows in his region. Like always, he sat in his bedroom doing the paperwork that was stacked up to the brim on why he wanted to join the 7th, it wasn't a pretty site but as trainee it is what he had to do. Out of everyone, he was probably the blandest and un-fun person of them all but that isn't what he cared about.

The night grew darker and darker, thankfully as night goes darker and darker so does the heat. It was one thing Kyle couldn't stand, heat. A sudden thought crossed his mind as he stood up and walked slowly and opened the door to his office. He stepped out, closing his eyes and taking in the fresh air that didn't shroud his own room. As he did so, a large scaled scream echoed from a few streets away, it wasn't like he could just stand there and not see what happened, it was Kyle, of course he was going to go and see if he had a chance to fight someone. Using a single shunpo, he disappeared into thin air before appearing within a flash outside of a broken open building, a weak looking shinigami stood in the wake of the broken building, he seemed crazed and insane. Cracking his knuckles, Kyle readied a fighting stance. He didn't even want to know the guys name, he was just happy to defend these people and to get a good fight in, in the mean time. Punching the air with his right hand, Kyle smiled at the enemy before slipping a few words from his mouth.

"Sorry, but you are going to fall victim to a sane shinigami."

A menacing look was shot at Kyle; the enemy shinigami shot a devilish look at him like he was going to obliterate the shinigami within one swipe. At the sight of this, it came as a major surprise, he didn't think that the enemy would have the nerve to look so fearsome and raging despite the shinigami's body build; in any case, it didn't matter.


Releasing a sigh, Kyle tightened his footwork, it seemed he was going to try and take on the traitor. Dashing out, he made his way towards the traitor, once he reached arms distance, he slammed a powerful but quick punch into his gut. Quickly and efficiently, he would follow up with a right handed uppercut aimed at his chin, saying loudly so that everyone surrounding the battle grounds could hear his screamed out battle cry


At the same time as the uppercut, he would put massive amounts of strength into the punch. The massive punch managed to connect with the chin, sending the enemy flying back a few feet in the process. It was now he had to take the chance before he would allow his opponent to recuperate. Straight away after the sequence of attacks, he would shunpo away, having taken no hits during the sequence, so he now appeared right up close to the traitor saying the words while kind of having a smirk,

"annnddd.... THIS!"

However, suddenly as he aimed to slam a punch into the man from below, however before the punch hit he had disappeared into thin air, appearing behind Kyle. In rapid succession, he planted five clean punches directly in the middle of Kyle's back. As the punches connected, each one knocked the wind out of him making him struggle to breathe. He stumbled to the floor, putting him on his knees straight away. Within one second, Kyle stood up and turned his body, the momentum along with a fist flew towards the opponent slamming him directly in the cheek. The possessed shinigami flew across the battle grounds, people continued to scatter until there was nobody in sight anymore and the crazed man was now flat on his back struggling to breathe. Lowering his body, Kyle took out his knife that was holstered on his waist and lowered it to the man’s throat, letting a few words slip from his mouth in the process,

"You... are done."

The knife quickly slid across his throat, blood sprayed out from the spot spraying it all over a nearby wall. It wasn't a thing Kyle loved to see, but it was something that had to be done. The trial member stood up, his shihakusho obtaining stained blood all over the stitching and fabrics. The blood soaked in, leaking onto his skin as he raised his own body higher and higher... the traitor’s lifeless body lay there, in a flat bloody heap on the floor. Kyle closed his eyes, the sight of such a gruesome killing was even a saddening thing to himself and he knew that this guy was a traitor... he could tell by the outraging of his personality, his will to dominate all life and his determination to kill Kyle... He was just crazed to no end. Once his body was fully straight, he sheathed his knife which was drawn in his right hand, blood leaked of the blade the whole time. The kangaroo began to walk away, his blood stained shihakusho still drenched in crimson blood, not only was it on his shihakusho but it was draining through so that it was making his outfit stick to his chest and stomach. The man held a soft smile as he walked away from the scene that was a dead man…. Leaving his body to rot in the streets until someone claimed the body.

~Chapter 2~

A birds voice could be heard, it echoed throughout the dorms around where Kyle was staying. The piercing sun shot through the parted window, collapsing upon Kyle's skin. Even inside, the heat was tremendous. It was worse than the previous night by far. His face was embedded with pillows, his crimson hair was standing up and shaken all around his head. The whole event of the previous night was already out of his head, it was just another problem he had to deal with, nothing other than a job. His bloody outfit was still sitting in the heap of washing that was yet to be done, the blood of a fellow shinigami... the blood of a brother. However, this is not what troubled Kyle's mind, how would he get punished for this? The gotei 13 never ordered Kyle to punish this man, not his blood stained the trainee's clothes... what was he to do? A slightly mumble could be heard as a few words erupted from the 7th division members mouth.

"Punishment... what will happen?"

This thought constantly troubled Kyle... ever since the event it troubled him. The enemy was hostile... maybe, just maybe he could say it was in self-defence. All of a sudden, a large thud could be heard from the front door of Kyle's room. It wasn't a normal knock, it seemed raged not friendly but yet not quite hostile. Quickly, the man grabbed a fresh shihakusho from the pile of clothes stacked up on the end of his dark room. Slumping, he opened the door the blistering bright sun pelted down on him. For a few seconds he was blinded all he could hear was two men saying that he was to come with them. Just as the kangaroo gained his eye sight back, he had begun to get dragged away, his arms now in handcuffs. Kyle knew exactly why he was in this position.

There is no helping it... my punishment awaits me...

The 7th member stumbled along, his weak legs dragged along the ground like he had no strength in his legs to lift his feet. In these type of moments, he would try to escape... however he would not stand a chance. These escorts were seated members of the 6th division... there was no way a trainee would defeat a seated officer, let alone two of them! It had been decided, in Kyle's head anyway, he was prepared to loose it all. To become worse than death... to become nothing. Feel nothing. Be nothing. Swaying, his eyes were now blindfolded by the two officers and was soon chucked into a large room, no sun coming through as the doors behind him slammed shut. The entire room shrouded their eyes upon Kyle who was standing in the middle of a ring of seats. From all around, a grandstand of seats over looked Kyle. It was clear who this was... Central 46.

"You, Kyle Nakajima, have been called here today to pay punishment for your crimes against another member of the Gotei, a trainee like yourself. Your charge is... murder."

The whole room echoed with disbelief, it seemed not even half the room knew what was the actual case. The man continued to throw accusations at Kyle, he didn't know how to respond. He had heart about the Central 46 however, they were a group of useless old people that sit in a room and discuss people's fates... and even then they just chuck everyone that has ever done a crime into a cell for years on end. They have no idea how to do anything else than throw people in jails for eternity.


Kyle screamed a the top of his lungs, his voice echoed throughout the round shaped wall of the chamber. The echo was quickly drowned out with another yell from the man accusing him of such actions.

"Your crimes cannot go unpaid for. If you cannot provide any evidence of your actions being in self defence... I will be ordered to sentence you to death."

"But I..."

The long voices stopped... and uncomfortable silence hit the room. Like everything in the room suddenly dropped with life to a silent aura of the dead. All of a sudden a massive hammer was slammed down onto the desk of the leader of Central 46's table, the ban hammer had finally be brought down.

"I hereby sentence you, Kyle Nakajima. Trainee of the 7th division... to execution... TO DEATH."
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PostSubject: Re: Death of a traitor. [A bleach based story]   Thu May 05, 2011 6:52 am

Posted another chapter. :3
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Death of a traitor. [A bleach based story]
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