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 Irresolute Realms

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PostSubject: Irresolute Realms   Tue May 10, 2011 6:04 pm

The idea of this is to just post what comes to mind, let a "story" evolve from it. It's been done with success on other forums I was a part of, and I wished to bring it here. Only issue this time is... I'll not be playing my usual warm characters. I'm not feeling cuddly, so... the darkness will play now.

EDIT: Should probably also say that this should be treated as a default R-rated thread, for profanity, blood, violence, and possibly semi-raunchy "romantic" pursuits.


"All the gods be damned, I hate this shithole. Why can't any of these stupid, blighted humans see the hell they've created?" The pale and gothic woman growls into the bottle in front of her, disgust plain on her face. "If I had my way, I'd just wipe the planet of them and be done with it. Stupid... buggering..."

Her grumbling fades into the background of the dark and dirty little hole-in-the-wall bar that she's sitting in. The bar in front of her is littered with her discarded empties, yet she doesn't seem affected by the alcohol at all. This, along with her sour attitude and her chosen dress style, sets her apart from the rest of the patrons, yet no one seems to notice.

Her black eyes flicker over faces, cataloguing what she sees in them. Twisted bloody jack. Wants to screw the barmaid.

That one's too drunk, he'll beat his wife when he gets home.

She's trying to forget the day. Almost got caught stealing money from her boss.

That one's a sad sopping mess. Wife left him, took the kids, left the debt, he lost his job, lost his house... Idiot. Love is for fools and dimwitted sadsacks.

The bottle in her hand shatters, spraying her with warm beer and shards of glass. The small cuts heal almost instantly, and shadows lift off her skin. "I'm tired of this. Maybe I should take out the trash."
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Posts : 142
Join date : 2011-01-11
Age : 29
Location : My Shadow Realm

PostSubject: Re: Irresolute Realms   Mon May 23, 2011 10:54 pm

Another city, another soul to take. It comes home to me now that I am different from the other Reapers. Everyone else has a scythe that replays the life of those they reap, while mine gives them a death based on some their most prevalent vice. Perhaps I am defective? Or perhaps I love Grell-senpai too much, and it has affected my powers? I don't know.

The red-haired reaper leaps off the rooftop, his impeccable coat and tie snapping in the wind. From over his shoulder, he materializes an enormous pair of scissors, intimidating in the obvious sharpness to the edges and tips of the blades.

His prey, slinking down the alleyway, never sees him coming. The lecherous and greedy bank manager crumples to the ground, his dried out husk falling apart even as it folds over itself.

"William Tomkins, scheduled for collection at 11:45 at night. Right on schedule. Next one isn't for a couple hours, Randall Kreig. 2:30 in the morning, killed while drunkenly trying to drive down the train tracks in the wrong direction. Ooo, this should be fun to see."
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Irresolute Realms
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