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 Um, hello!

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Posts : 4
Join date : 2011-05-31

PostSubject: Um, hello!   Tue May 31, 2011 2:40 am

Found this site looking for modern fantasy rp, weirdly enough. I'm really looking forward to a chance to join!

Ah me... well, you can call me whatever you'd like, though often enough I go by Rien or Not. I've been roleplaying for a looong time. My other hobbies include reading, comics, sewing, writing, and collecting asian ball jointed dolls. I'm up for just about any genre of rp, though I am very partial to modern fantasy as I have a pretty vast array of characters in that genre. post-apocalyptic an steam punk rps are probablly tied for second, but there's very little that I don't like to roleplay. And to round things off, striped hyenas are my favorite animal ^.^

So hello! Hope I can get started roleplaying with some of you soon!
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Age : 29
Location : My Shadow Realm

PostSubject: Re: Um, hello!   Tue May 31, 2011 1:19 pm

Well then, as the resident Apocalypse Meister, let me be the first to welcome you! ^,..,^ Perhaps we can find a good place to fit you in once we clean up a bit here, I'd love to have a more lively set of rps!
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Posts : 4
Join date : 2011-05-31

PostSubject: Re: Um, hello!   Tue May 31, 2011 10:16 pm

Well, I'm a pretty active roleplayer once I get going! Nice to meet you, hit me up if you're looking for horsemen.
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Zeria Iiyasei

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Age : 26
Location : Wandering the insanity of the shadow realm...

PostSubject: Re: Um, hello!   Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:14 am

Welcome welcome! I'm your resident head admin and owner of the site since the original owner went poof. =D Call me Z or Zeria. ^_^

If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm usually around, whether it's msn or here. You can always drop me a pm if I'm not around and I'll get right to it when I sign on.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you can offer to our giant stew pot of Rp fantasticness. =]

Zeria Iiyasei
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PostSubject: Re: Um, hello!   

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Um, hello!
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