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 Kesh'e Hanaan -Story of a Fire Demon-

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Kesh'e Hanaan -Story of a Fire Demon-   Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:16 pm

I will never understand why the things that happen to me do, but I know that they must have happened for a reason. My name is Kesh’e Hanaan. I am a high ranking demoness. Or at least, I once was. Now I am merely sealed inside a body made of grave soil and souls. Someday I will regain my true body. At any rate, I feel the need to log my story. To perhaps one day show to my old master so he understands what became of me and why. I must make sure my memories are never forgotten completely, with what little of them I have left.
My first memories are from teenage on. Up until that point, I had been a brainwashed child doing whatever I was told. I was born the way I am. Not like half of our kind, where they were once members of the human race transformed or traded in. I grew up knowing I would have no future of my own. Though I wanted it desperately. But I remember my birthday where I was the human equivalent of 18. I was now considered a woman, and readily available to be bonded off.
I suppose you wish to know what bonding is. Think of it as the human equivalent to either marriage, or servitude. The bond type is chosen at the final meeting before the bond ceremony.
Anyway, so the people who I had lived with for so long put up note for anyone who wished to request my bonding. I fled that night. My freedom meant more to me than any bond they could place on me. I got quite far away. All the way deep into a village of sorts.
Yes, yes. I know. You’re probably thinking ‘This is hell! There’s not anything like that!’. But there is. Think of the place I was raised in as a medieval setting type village. No technology. Nothing but hard-working people.
But I made it to the next village territory. And I found a troupe of demon women who were kind of like gypsy dancers. I requested to join them, and was taken under their wing. I spent the next years of my life learning the way of their dance, and enjoyed my time as such. It was a free thing. I could dance wherever and whenever I wanted, to whatever music I requested of our musicians. I was a skilled fire dancer. With blades. I loved to dance with flame swirling and burning around me, while I tossed blades around with a skillful mastery.
Oh, I’m sorry. I never really quite described my appearance to you. I was tall, probably about 6 feet 1 inch. My hair was an auburn color and reached to my waist. It was usually always pulled up intricately. My eyes were pitch black with an occasional sheen of red. I had markings that are too difficult to describe. They were on my back, waist, and a little on my face. I usually wore the gypsy-like clothing, or sometimes long black dresses of silks or lightweight material. Something I could move easily in. I never wore shoes. Only wrapped my feet sometimes with bandaging to protect them. My skin was pale, like creamy white milk. I was slender, yet possessed quite a bit of muscle to back myself up.
And again you must be thinking ‘Demons don’t look like that! They look like ugly creatures!’. Wrong. We can look as normal as any human. In fact, there was a girl in our troupe who I would have thought was human, had I not seen her kill another demon by wrenching a tree out of the ground and smashing it into him.
Back to it all though. By now, I was the equivalent of a 21 year old woman. Our troupe had been hired to perform for a nearby lord. One of great power and skill. I wish I’d known then what it all meant. I never realized that when we would go to perform, they were bonding away our dancers. That when we were hired, it was only so they could select women to be bonded off, and then the dance troupe would be paid. I’d always thought until then, that the women had just chosen to stay with the ones they had performed for in order to be paid better for doing something they loved. How wrong I was. I didn’t even know they had intended to bond me off that night. They just told me that I was having my first chance to perform in front of a high ranking lord.
When we got there I was excited. I thought that I finally had my chance to show off my skills. To show the world that I could be something. So I agreed without thinking. And we entered the place we were told to. I was perfectly ready to go. My hair was done up beautifully, my makeup was intricate, my garb was beautiful and…well…sexy. I liked it that way.
As we entered the main room of the domain, my heart had begun to beat rapidly. I was told to kneel along with the other dancers, and forbidden from looking up unless ordered. That way I would not offend anyone. The bells on my garb jingled as I knelt like I was told. There were footsteps, quite a few of them, and then we were all told to rise. We were greeted by a deep, husky voice. He told us all to look up. I wish I’d kept my gaze on the floor. The man before us was easily recognizable as the lord we were to perform for. He carried the air of power and magnificence, as well as an aura that made me want to leap on him and do things I’d never done before.
Yes, I know. You’re thinking ‘She’s been in that kind of business and is still a virgin?!’. It’s true. I’d never lain with a man. But looking at the one who stood there made my body yearn for his heated touch. I could see the fire about him. Not real fire. No. His aura was fiery. None of the other girls seemed to notice it. His voice made me melt.
“Welcome, ladies. Do dance your best for me this evening. I expect nothing but talent from you”
We all obliged. None of us dared go against this man. With his eyes like night and raven colored hair that seemed to perfectly swirl around his facial features. He was tall. Very tall. So much so in comparison to me that when he walked around our group past me, I felt at least a head shorter than him. At least I was the tallest of our bunch. The other girls looked like children in comparison to him. Then again I ,too, felt like a child compared to him. His gaze stopped on me for a moment and I averted my eyes to the floor, trying to maintain normal breathing. I heard a small chuckle from him, and he walked back to his throne-like seat.
Our performance space was very large, and had been decorated to suit perfectly for my dance. I couldn’t care less that the others might have a difficult time here. To me, this was perfect for me and me only. I felt a small pull in my mind. Something was invading my mental privacy. I didn’t like that. I threw the energy back and made a mental note to find out who had tried to invade me like that later.
We lined up in our dance order. I was last. I could only watch and listen as the other dancers went through their performances. The lord never seemed all that interested. He watched, yes, sometimes conversed with the robed man standing at his side, probably a magistrate, but never really looked all that interested. His eyes just kind of stayed emotionless, petting the head of the hellhound on his other side. Kehanna, a younger dancer who’d come along, giggled from in front of me.
“Isn’t he super handsome, Kesh’e?! I hope he picks me!”
I frowned. She was young yet. She should live her life to the fullest before settling down to work in one place. That seemed to be the case with most of the girls around here. Eager to work for another, forgetting that there was still a great length of time to have for one’s own.
“If you wish it, then you must perform at your best, little one”
“Right! Thanks, Kesh’e! It means a lot that you would give me your advice!”
I nodded and watched as she went out to the performance space. Her dance was filled with light and happy feelings, meant to ease the burden of one’s days spent in the dreariness of hell. I wished I’d chosen a much more happy dance. One like Kehanna’s. My dances were all full of fire and seduction. Now I understood why my mentor had given me a strange look when I decided to do a dance of flaming blades. Kehanna struck her final pose, and I took a deep breath. It was finally my turn. As I waited for Kehanna to move out of the space, I noticed that the lord seemed a little more interested than he had been before. So perhaps Kehanna would get her wish. I hoped so. She deserved so much more than to be stuck in the troupe all her life.
My turn. I slowly glided out into the performance spaces center. My mentor, Shen, stepped out to announce.
“This is the final dance for the evening, oh wonderful lord. It is the dance of flaming blades”
He nodded as my mentor left the space, leaving just me. I held eight small daggers in my hands, four in each hand. I looked to each of the two torches on the edge of the space and connected the lines of my magick with them. I would need to take their fire. The music began. My body seemed to move as if there was no need for me to instruct it. It knew this dance by heart. My body glided, arched, spun, and undulated perfectly to the beat of the drums. Fire quickly burst forth and twirled around me as I began to throw the blades through the air and around my body with perfect precision. The heat curled in my body as I moved, the bells on my clothing jingling with each of my movements, also perfectly to the music. This was right. This was perfect. The music was getting faster and faster and the flames were swirling with more and more magick and my body was bursting with heat…until the last note rang out and I stood there, breathing rapidly, sweat dripping down my brow, the blades around me in a perfect circle stabbed into the floor, the fire gone back to its torches. The smell of the flames still lingered in the air around me, and I drew it into my body, dispersing it as breathable oxygen into the air again.
It was then that my heart stopped again. The lord’s eyes were on me. And they were glazed over with desire. His chest was rising and falling almost as rapidly as mine, as if my dance had affected his body in some way. I took a step back from him. His gaze hungrily followed me. I couldn’t look away from those midnight eyes. And it scared me. His voice was husky and demanding.
“Yes, milord” my mentor squeaked.
“Her. I want HER”
My heart stopped again. I dropped to my knees.
“M-milord. I mean no offense, but me? Kehanna is a much brighter dancer than I. And Leste is a more experienced dancer. And Irial is much more beautiful. And-“
I silenced myself, shutting my eyes tightly. I felt like I had stolen Kehanna’s dream from her. Shen patted me on the shoulder.
“You should be honored, young one. You will be bonded to such a powerful man”
My eyes bolted open widely and I gasped. Bonded?! No one had said anything about being bonded!
“……! I can’t be bonded! I can’t!”
“I’m sorry, my dear. But this is the way of things in our troupe”
“No…so all those other girls…you sold them away into bondage?!”
She nodded and my fists clenched. I took a step back. Another. And another. Turned. And fled. I ran past all of the other dancers, past the guards, and out of the lord’s domain. I ran as fast as I could, using my fire to mask my trail as I wove through homes. It would be dinner, so none would be out and about. The demons would all be in their houses, sinking their fanged teeth into some kind of meat. I stopped in an alleyway of sorts to catch my breath, using the stone carved wall for support. Tears stung at my eyes and I choked back a sob. I would not be placed into a bond. I needed freedom. I hoped that in my running away, he would choose another. Kehanna perhaps. She was so deserving of it.
Footsteps quieted me. They were approaching the alleyway. I listened, ducking behind a barrel.
“We have to find her. The lord ordered it of us”
“Do you think she will be allowed to live after fleeing like that?”
“There’s no way he’d kill her. She has the magick potential”
“Not to mention a killer body”
“Let’s just find her before he gets angry”
The steps stopped at the opening of the alleyway.
“Let’s check down here. He said to look in dark places that were empty. This fits”
A group of “Yes, sir” replies was made, before they began to come my direction. This was it. I closed my eyes tightly. They would find me and there was nowhere I could hide.
“Sir! She’s here!”
I was lifted by my arms and held standing up to face the captain of the small troupe of men. They were all in some kind of armor or protective garb. The captain eyed me hungrily. I watched him frightfully, ready to fight for my life if I needed to.
“Quiet! I want to have some fun with her before we bring her back”
“But sir, the lord said to bring her back unharmed”
“Harm? How is giving her the best pleasure of her life bringing her harm?”
The men all nodded and the captain took a step towards me. His hand got barely a foot from me, before I lashed out, and cut him across the face. He flinched, growled, and his hand crashed across my face, sending me to the ground.
“Sir! Stop!”
“Worthless bitch!”
I lashed out again when he grabbed a fistful of my hair, and broke away, running again. His men were on me like dogs, trying to trip me up and get hold of me again. I fled as fast as I could. But they were too fast. And they were purposely directing me in the direction of the lord’s domain again. I pulled the dagger that had been hidden underneath my skirtpiece. It was my last defense outside of magick. I whipped around and plunged the blade into one man’s throat, watching him fall, then ran again. The next man leapt in front of me, and I slammed fire into his body. As he burned, the remaining four men surrounded me. I crouched low like an animal, breathing heavily. My strength was rapidly decreasing at this rate of usage.
The captain growled, a pair of horns protruding from his head and his fingernails lengthening to claws. It was clear I had angered him and brought out the raging inner demon. No matter his orders, he was going to try and hurt me now. I threw powerful mind magick at him, trying to shut him down.
An arrow pierced my right leg and I fell, a cry of anguish echoing through the street. I was done for. With an injury to a part of my body necessary to flee, I could no longer escape. I bowed my head, tears streaming down my face.
“Take me to him. To the lord”
“Your chance for that is long passed, girl!”
The captain moved towards me, but another man held him back.
“Sir, no matter what, I cannot allow you to harm her. We have orders”
“Fuck the orders! She deserves death for this!”
The guard punched the captain in the face and growled.
“Orders are orders! If you can’t keep that straight, then you don’t deserve your title!”
He moved to me and looked down.
“You will come peacefully. We will remove the arrow and bandage you. You are not to speak of the injury you’ve taken. Or I cannot guarantee your safety from the captain. Do you understand?”
“Yes” I choked out.
Then he ripped the arrow from my skin, quickly mending and bandaging, before lifting me and leading back to the castle-like domain of the lord. The dancing troupe were all gone, which secured one thought in me. I was on my own in this. I had no backing. The guard stopped me outside the doors. I was pinned to a wall and hands roamed my body. I felt…violated. Angry. Hurt. I slapped the hands away before they touched me in a more personal place, and was led inside. The lord was pacing back and forth, seething with anger. When he noticed us come in, he seemed to relax a little, but was still noticeably angry. His gaze rested on me for a moment before I looked down at the floor, and then I saw him look to his captain.
“What happened? You are wounded, Sonneillon”
“When we tried to grab her, she struck out at me”
“And did you cause any harm to her?”
“No, milord”
Anger bubbled a little to the surface and I trembled. That liar! He had too hurt me! It had been his arrow to pierce my flesh!
“Did anyone see this display?”
“None other than my men, milord”
“Is this true, men?”
“Yes, milord” came their responses.
I grew more angry. They were all lying to save their own hides! But yet…if I said anything, that captain was sure to kill me. I kept silent as they conversed. Just stood there, head bowed, trying to leash my emotions.
“…and so we took the dagger from her. This concludes my report”
“Was she completely disarmed? Did you check for any hidden weapons?”
“Oh yes, milord. She is completely unarmed now”
I snapped. That had not been a weapon search. That had been a violation of my body! I screamed in rage, whipping around and tackling the captain. My nails raked at his face and fire swirled around me, beginning to burn the flesh of the captain’s arms.
Several pairs of arms ripped me backwards off of the captain and pinned me down to the floor as I struggled to get at the captain.
Instant silence. The lord stalked over to the captain, who was bleeding excessively on the floor now.
“Is this true, Sonneillon?” he seethed. “Did you touch her?”
“M-m-my lord…I only grabbed hold of her to restrain her!”
“Liar!” I screamed. “You violated my body! Touched me without my consent! Thought to rape me before bringing me here!”
The captain’s eyes bugged out and he began to scoot away from the lord.
“Is. This. True, Sonneillon?”
The lord’s eyes had become dangerous and a dark aura radiated from his body.
“O-of course n-not, milord! She lies! To deceive you!”
“Check my memories if you must!”
The guards let me go as the lord approached me. I trembled as I stood there. I warm hand was placed on my forehead. He was sifting through my memories. I knew the instant he was done, for a growl ripped from his throat and he wheeled on the captain.
“Not only did you try to rape her…you disobeyed my orders and shot her! Then sought to cover it up and leave her to blame, Sonneillon!”
“M-m-my lord! Forgive me! I-!”
The lord slowly moved to stand over the captain.
“You have disobeyed me…”
“MY LORD, I-!”
The captain spoke no more. The lord had stepped on and broken his neck. The other guards were in turn sentenced to a year’s torture. I stood there, frozen to the spot. I knew not what to say. I didn’t want to die. But I didn’t want to be bonded either. The lord finally turned and moved in front of me. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek.
“Your name. I must know it”
“They call me Kesh’e Hanaan”
He breathed my name out on a sigh. I recognized it as a sigh of desire. He traced one of the markings on my shoulder with his fingertips, sending a shiver down my spine.
“Kesh’e…I understand you did not know that you were being sold for a bond?”
“Correct. They did not tell me of such…”
“I am surprised none have claimed you already”
“I have never danced before a high rank audience before. Today was my first”
He raised a brow.
“A beauty like yourself has never done that for others? I must give thanks then. For now I have been given the opportunity to have you for myself”
I swallowed hard, shrinking away from him. I was afraid. I didn’t want this bond. I didn’t want any of this. I just wanted my freedom.
“Had I known about it, I would not have come”
“You prize your freedom, hm?”
I nodded. His fingers slid to my face, caressing my cheek. I shivered again, then pulled away. His eye twitched.
“Fine. We will determine now whether I keep you for bonding, or if you go home to your family”
“Milord…I have no family remaining…”
“No. I…ran from them long ago…”
“Then by all rights, you are mine. Your home is now here. Your quarters are now the same as mine. You are now mine”
I bowed my head. What choice did I have? I had nothing. The dancing troupe would never take me back. My family would only sell me off to bondage. And here…I was doomed to be with this man, whether he chose me for his servant…or his bride.
My days from then on were uneventful. I was trained and taught etiquettes again. And for a while, it bothered me, but I soon grew accustomed to my new life. As it was, I was only to be the lord’s servant. Well, now he was master to me, not lord. But master was always kind to me, and understood that I feared the day of my bonding. His servants were all very quiet, never speaking much. Though I learned fast that gossip travelled rapidly between them.
Master granted me a wish one day, and allowed that I could complete a year of combat training before my bond was granted. I was grateful for it. I remember how master took me by hand many times and guided me through each step of what he was teaching me. Those times always embarrassed me and made my body yearn for him.
I remember one very important night between my master and I. I’d passed out in the courtyard, and when I’d awoken, I was in the bed and master was at my side tending to me. He sat with me all of that night, even though I’m sure he had other more important things to do. He earned a great deal of respect from me that night.
I also remember when he took me to a battle with him. I gave it my all, and ended up saving his life at one point. He appointed me as one of his captains after that. It felt amazing to know I’d risen up so fast. I was gifted with a custom made sword of my own. I chose a scimitar. It was my prized possession. The only gift master had ever given me. I was so very honored. I kept that blade with me everywhere I went from then on. I think it made master happy to see that I treasured it so much.
Things were going well from me until a few days before I was to be bonded to my master. I was afraid. They had said that he was giving me a very special type of bond. I didn’t want to have a bond any greater than servitude to the master. Yes, my body desired him and some part of me wished to be his bride, but I did not want such a thing. It would prevent me from being on the field of battle. Though I was aware that he could change my bond to being that of his bride at any time. That was just how our system worked.
And so I sat there on the bed in master and I’s quarters, curled into a ball, staring into nowhere. I never heard my master come in, but he was suddenly there behind me, pulling me against him.
“What creates such a stir in you, Kesh’e? You’ve never acted this way before”
“I fear the bond, master. I am not ready for it”
“I held to my word and allowed you a year of combat training first, did I not?”
“Yes. But I am still afraid…”
“You fear the loss of your freedom that much?”
I nodded, and he sighed, patting my head.
“Ah, young Kesh’e. You should know by now that you are free to do as you please, so long as you have informed me and I know you will be safe”
“I know, master. But my feelings are the same”
He got up, brushing a loose strand of hair from my face and smiling as he knelt in front of me.
“You have nothing to fear. You are not becoming my bride. I am granting you something different”
“What is that, my lord?”
“You will be my handmaiden”
I gave him a questioning look.
“It is between servitude and becoming a bride. You will see to my needs and mine only. Whether they be physical or mental, it is your job to tend me. In all things”
“Will the ceremony be that of a servant’s?”
“It will be similar, yes, but slightly different. You will know then”
He said no more than that. Just crawled into the bed and fell asleep.
The last days passed slower and slower in my mind. Many preparations were made, and most of them involved me. So many people required my presence. The tailor, the carpenter, the artisan, the bard…they all needed something from me!
It was the night before the ceremony now. I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t sleep. Despite my master’s assurances, I was still nervous and fearful. Some said the bond was a wonderful feeling, others claimed it hurt immensely. I didn’t know, but I was just hoping it wouldn’t hurt.
I suppose I should tell you that master’s magistrate had never really liked me. He always glared, or grumbled, or called me names. I thought it was because he was jealous, perhaps, that I had risen so fast, and could eventually take his position if I continued at this rate. I should have been more cautious of him.
Anyway…it was still the night before, and I’d snuck out into the courtyard. Master had been asleep, so he hadn’t felt my presence move. I cued the music in my head, and began to dance. I chose a light dance, one that I called upon the wind to aid me in. I let all my fears and worries vanish as I slid around on the cobblestone, my feet moving in perfect time with the beat of the drums in my head. I became so caught up that I never noticed my master standing in one of the archways, watching me. Not until I took my final step, and somehow ended up in his arms.
I tried to grasp words, but they wouldn’t come. He just kept staring at me with those enchanting black eyes of his. The ones that always prevented me from thinking clearly. The ones that I saw every time I dreamt.
“I-I’m sorry! I just wanted to come out and-!”
He put a finger to my lips. It was an effective way of silencing me. But he never said anything. Just shook his head and continued to watch me. His other hand curved around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I could hear my own breathing steadily becoming more rapid, the thudding of my heart loud…and I could hear him breathe out a sigh. The water from the fountain at the courtyard’s center bubbled softly, wind chimes hanging on the trees creating a gentle atmosphere.
I was given an answer. Not spoken, no. He answered with the smoothness of his lips on mine. I remember freezing out of shock, not breathing. And I remember his hands sliding over my body, until I allowed myself to let loose and respond to such feelings. That night is much of a blur for me. I just recall being beneath him in our quarters, fire swirling about the room, a brief pain, his shock in that I had never been with a man before, and then nothing but desire. I woke the next morning being gently nudged by one of the servants. They told me it was time to prepare for the bonding ceremony.
The day went by fast. I was bathed, garbed beautifully, they brushed my hair out until it was silky smooth, and then they led me to a room to wait. I just sat there, until the magistrate suddenly came in, looking rather disdainful.
“It is almost time to go. Be ready”
I nodded and he glared at me.
“And I have a bit of a warning for you, girl. The lord does not appreciate you going out to dance when he does not order it of you himself. I suggest you give up the whole idea of it permanently”
He left, and I sat there, frowning. Give up something I loved to do? My only form of expression? But no. There were always swords to turn to. My magick to turn to. A tear rolled down my cheek. There was no other choice. So that was the moment I decided to give up my dance forever. I haven’t really danced ever since then. Only a time or two when I could not help myself.
But I sat there, until the servant women came back to get me, leading me to the platform where my master stood. I remember thinking he looked simply breathtaking. He smiled warmly at me as I slowly was led up the pathway and stairs to him. I stopped in front of him, swallowing down my fear. He took my hands in his.
“Sweet Kesh’e Hanaan. Today I bond you to me as an utmost honor…in the form of my handmaiden. Do you accept this bond?”
In my head, I screamed no. But this was my duty. I had no other choice.
“Yes, my lord, I do”
“You understand what you must do as such, tending to my every desire and need?”
I nodded and he smiled. The magistrate glared at me from behind him, then handed my master the ceremonial bonding dagger. Master lifted my wrist to the blade, made a small cut, and took a swallow of my blood. The wound closed immediately after his lips left it, but a thin scar line remained. He then slit his own wrist open and held it to me. Cautiously, I placed my own lips over the wound and took a swallow of his blood. The taste was almost…metallic. But I could taste power. One that spanned a great length of history so far.
I don’t quite know how else to explain the bonding. It was a unique feeling that I will never understand exactly how works. But it wasn’t painful at all. Master had been right though. For a servant, the bond would have only showed a level of obedience and power. My bond…I could feel him. Feel his emotions. Feel his desire. Feel what HE wanted. Only later on in my life did I regret it.
So my days passed rapidly. I trained hard every day under my master and slowly built up my skills. My master and I were close, but I always maintained a distance for fear he would wish to deepen the bond. For fear that I would never again have my freedom to roam. I was shortly after promoted to 2nd in command, and led out in almost all of the battles to keep our home territory from other lords.
I suppose I should also tell you more of the magistrate. He was a tall, lanky man. Fairly aged. But he was one of our highest ranked. I did much of my training under him as well, when it came to alchemy and learning the ways of our “court”. His name was Vetis, but he had ordered me not to speak his name, because I was ranked so much lower than he. He never really liked me. In fact, he hated me. Made it his goal to always point out my faults and idiocies.
Anyway, I remember one very important night to my history. Master and I were in the courtyard by the fountain. I was reporting what I had learned for that day. I’d heard a sound. Something had felt wrong. I heard the sound of blades being drawn, a shift in the air, and knew my master was in danger. I threw him to the ground, covering him with my body. 14 blades pierced me. My screams of pain echoed through the entire courtyard, and I remember I lashed out with fire, entrapping the men who had sought to assassinate my master in cages of flame. I never saw what became of them. The guards had rushed immediately, along with master’s hellhound, and I was carted off to be healed. I don’t remember much of that either. Just that it took them a long time, and I almost died. They said master raged for several days of my recovery though.
From then on, I was allowed out less and less. I could not bear it. To be caged like an animal indoors while my master could do as he freely wished. And that is when things began to change. I saw less and less of my master, and when I did, he said little to me. It was as if he didn’t care anymore. It upset me…and I began to wonder what was wrong……until I saw a new servant girl be brought in. She was a pretty young thing. Long blond hair, big innocent blue eyes, and slender figure, but no markings that could be seen. I saw a lot of her for the next month. And when I saw her…she always seemed to be with the master. The only feelings I could describe it as…I was both jealous…and I felt like I’d done something wrong. Displeased him somehow.
The days continued. Until on the one fateful day that things began to worsen. I sat atop one of the watchtowers, looking over everything, scanning the land I had called my home for a long time now. I felt a presence enter, so I turned around, finding the Magistrate there in the doorway.
“What is it, magistrate?”
“I will make things clear for you now, demoness by the name of Kesh’e Hanaan”
“What things?”
“You wish to know about the other servant girl. The one who is with our master often”
“Yes…I do…what can you teach me…?”
“Follow me, but stay hidden once I slow down”
I nodded in understand and did as I was told. He stopped in a hallway, so I waited around the corner, masking my presence. I heard my master approach the magistrate.
“Vetis. You wished a word with me?”
“Yes, milord. It is about the new girl. Cassia. Do you not feel she would be a suitable handmaiden?”
I listened intently, the pain of his next words striking me down.
“Yes. She is certainly very beautiful. But I have Kesh’e”
“And if you didn’t have Kesh’e?”
“Then Cassia would likely have become my bride…”
I froze…then turned and ran. I never heard the last of that conversation. I didn’t care. I’d heard all I’d needed to. I threw myself onto the floor of my chamber…and began to cry. The magistrate entered soon after, placing a hand on my shoulder.
“Dear child…cry no longer. For yes, I have bad news for you, but I contain good news as well”
I never heard the deceit in his voice. I only sought solace from the agony that ate at me.
“What is it, magistrate?”
“If you do not flee this place, our master will kill you and claim Cassia for his bride. Or he will sell you into bondage with another of his men…”
Horror. Agony. Pain. Sorrow. It all swallowed me.
“There is nothing then…I’ve lost my freedom…”
“Oh no, my child. For I have a solution to your troubles”
“Why are you being so kind to me? I thought you hated me”
“You’re correct. I hate you. But if you are gone from this place, the threat of my position is no longer there. You gain your freedom, and I get what I want”
“Then what is your ‘solution’, Magistrate?”
“A tonic. A poison of sorts. It will cast your soul from your body into another realm where he will never find you”
“But what use am I without a body?”
“There will be a body made of grave soil for you. But you will need to take souls weekly. Is that understood?”
“I suppose. Is there any way to obtain my true body back?”
“Gain enough power and slay the master. Overthrow hell and take it for yours”
“And you?”
“You give me position of your highest ranking man the moment you take control”
“I suppose that is reasonable……but how do I know my body will still be here?”
“If it is not, then I will resurrect it upon your return”
I considered my options. Death. Bondage. The constant flee for my life. Or…freedom. It took me only a moment to make my choice.
“Give me the tonic…”
The magistrate smiled.
“Excellent, my dear girl. Let’s get that for you right away. I can tell you when is appropriate tomorrow. When he will be passing these halls. You will have to barricade the door properly”
I nodded. The plan was in motion. Soon…I would be free. I would hole myself up in the room with the tonic, barricade the door the best I could, write any note I wished to. Meanwhile, the magistrate would seek out the master and tell him I requested his presence in our quarters. Then…I would drink the tonic. What I didn’t know then, was that I had been tricked.
The time came finally the next day. I sat upon the bed in our quarters, the small vial of the cold, dark blue liquid in my hand, just looking at it. I wrote out my final words on a sheet of paper, placing it on the chair at the bedside where I always sat in the morning, watching my master sleep. No longer would I be enslaved to this man’s whim. No longer would my body…be his temple. One more minute left. I took a deep breath. It was time now. I pulled the cork out, pressing the cold vial to my lips.
“Freedom…here I come…”
I drank. It took effect immediately. Pain surged through my body like wildfire and a scream was ripped from my throat. My body spasmed and I began to writhe and claw at my body. I could only scream, the pain overwhelming. I could hear them. The magistrate and my master running down the hall.
Funny. I never thought he’d remember my name. My master was pounding on the door now. I could hear it just barely over my own screaming. Just when I thought I could bear no more, the wrenching feeling happened, and I could feel myself leaving my body. The door splintered and flew off the hinges. My master rushed in just as the final breath left my body. The last thing I saw…was him howling in rage, before I lost spiritual consciousness. In the realm of my own subconscious, I smiled. I knew he would find my letter. The one that explained I was sick of him controlling me like some kind of servant slut. That I would never come back to him, and he would never be able to find me. That I was finally…free…
When I awoke, I groaned and put a hand to my head. I was surprised to find my hands were fleshy. I was in what looked like ruins of an old castle. I rose to my feet, staggering and bracing myself on the stone wall remnant. I ran my hands over my new body. The magistrate had been right that I would need souls. Already I felt starved for them. I stopped. The magistrate. He had failed to mention the severity of the pain I felt. I’d make him pay for that dearly when I took hell under my control. But that wouldn’t come for a long time, that much I knew. Yes, I still had my powers. I made sure of that. But this body was weak and needed to be trained, so I could gain my full power back and be stronger than the man who had been my master.
I spent a massive amount of time, at least a thousand years, training and preparing myself for the coming fight. At last, I was ready to go resume my proper place. I recalled my portal spells, beginning to try and open a portal to hell…………but I was shut out. I couldn’t create one at all, nor find a rift to a place in it. And I couldn’t find the pathway back to my body. That was when I realized I’d been betrayed. The magistrate hadn’t had any intention of letting me come back…and I was without my body until I could find another way…
I have now spent a great number of years in this grave soil body, collecting souls each week to survive and maintain my existence. I feel so close to finding the way back to hell to reclaim my body…so close……

Zeria Iiyasei
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Kesh'e Hanaan -Story of a Fire Demon-
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