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 Zeria's Soul-Torn Warriors

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Re: Zeria's Soul-Torn Warriors   Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:55 am


-Name: Zeria Aleron Iiyasei “The DemonicGunsman”
-Age: 21
-Gender: Female
-Race: Astaroth Demon, born of Zankoku Iiyasei (Astaroth Demon) and Etana Aleron (Astaroth Demon).
-Date of Birth: August 23rd.
-Current Location: Zeria has a small home hidden and safeguarded in the middle of a dense forest, but she is usually out traveling and doing missions. The home itself is very natury looking, and inside, she has tons of stuff that she rarely uses.
-Hometown/Original Birthplace: Was born in a small village called Iolani.
Father=Zankoku Iiyasei
Mother=Etana Aleron

Personality: Zeria, though having an air of elegance and beauty about her, is generally very cold to people. She rarely smiles, unless she is having a good time, and tries to keep her voice emotionless. When meeting a new person, she will be respectful and at least shake hands with them, but still retains her coldness and leariness. She refuses to cry if anyone is nearby, but will do so if she is alone and remembering her lost comrade. If the situation calls for it, she can act perfectly ladylike, and gentle. She doesn't trust anyone until she feels they've earned it and proven they won't betray her. She is highly intelligent, usually quite sure of herself, and enjoys being alone in a dense forest, where she feels at home. She has a bit of a temper, and hates people who are full of themself or betray people's trust. She is absolutely terrified of her father, due to the levels of abuse she suffered as a child.

-Equipment: Two tripled barreled guns come in handy in battle. They are made of a black diamond and titanium alloy with her middle name engraved into the underside of the bottom barrel {Aleron} in intricate silver script. Each gun holds 6 shots (18 bullets total) before she has to reload (which takes a matter of seconds). If you look closely at her red studded belt, you might see the shine of one of the many extra bullet packs she has fixated to it for faster reloading. She also wears a special setup that straps to her back to fix her two swords to her shoulders (think Cloud from FF: AC, only for two blades). Multiple daggers, shuriken, and kunai are strapped to her clothes, but hidden from view, as they are set on the inside of her clothing or tucked in her boots and such so she has extra hidden weapons when she needs them. One elegant dagger is slid into her top as part of the boning in the side, for whenever she needs to get it out.

---Gunblade: A gunblade is a combination of the structural design of a gun (whether if it’s a revolver or a handgun) with a 4 feet long 3 inches wide blade attached to the gun. The handle is longer and wider to fit the usage of this weapon as a close range sword giving it the advantage of a long range weapon.
***In most RP’s, the gunblade is switched out for a 4 ft long katana made of the same alloys and weapon skills other than the gun part***

Zeria’s Gunblade: Model “Punisher”
The gunblade model “Punisher” is a fine weapon crafted with the rarest materials. The blade is black, split in two halves with a strong metal alloy combination of iron, silver, and diamond making it a very strong and durable weapon with a great cutting power. The gunblade also has a “Z” shaped emblem attached to the hilt of the gunblade.
Zeria’s gunblade was a gift from Julius when they both struggled against the invading armies of the MPA (Abel’s Personal Army). Fearing for the safety of the cadets, Julius was forced to withdraw, leaving FFR and reestablishing the Academy in the outskirts of FFF. This gunblade is Zeria’s most prized possession.

--Hellfire Blade:
This blade was forged and enchanted with fire magic, so that in battle, the blade heats up to the point of about 500° Fahrenheit. The blade is a 4 foot long katana, the blade made of black diamond, titanium, and silver, making it very strong, very powerful, and very dangerous to be cut with. The blade is black, one line of silver running down the middle, the rune symbol for “Fire” etched into the top on both sides of the blade. The hilt, also black, is wrapped with white, bloodstained cloth, and has Zeria’s name etched into the grip, where another “Z” shaped emblem is attached to the hilt. This blade has been with her the longest, personally customed for her before her mentor died.

-Appearance: Long, fiery red hair (reaches to the backs of her knees when down) that is usually tied back in a black hair tie. Her eyes are usually a vivid viper yellow, but will change occasionally with extreme emotions. Her skin is so pale, a creamy white color, that people often think her ill, but she is in perfect health. She wears body tight black leather pants, daggers inserted into a few spots in the lining. Her top is black, leather, corset style, and also rigged with daggers, including one tucked as boning of the top, completely hidden from view. Zeria carries a black backpack-like bag for medical and other supplies. Though seemingly small, it holds quite a bit in it. She also wears a special setup that straps to her back to fix her two swords to her shoulders (similar to what Cloud uses in FF7: AC for his halberd). She wears a pair of black combat boots that both lace and buckle, but are light enough that she can run fast with them. A long black cloak also is a part of her ensemble, though she often just packs it away in her bag. Her jewelry consists of a silver locket necklace and a garnet stone set in a black diamond ring on her left hand middle finger. On her arms are black, leather vambraces that have metal bars in between the leather. You’ll never forget her tattoos. There is a “Z” tattoo on her neck and left shoulder. There is a black dragon tattoo that wraps around and goes up her right leg. Then, on her back, is a tattoo of a sword through a rose with petals scattered about. And the kanji's for Death and Darkness are intertwined over her heart. Her talisman is made of a black diamond and titanium alloy, with silver markings in Astaroth script around the ring, and her name written in Astaroth script in gold. The talisman holds a blood red stone set into black onyx. The talisman is much like a leg garter, and does not slip off easily. Zeria has multiple scars that most will likely never see. They include stab, gash, and burn scars all over her body, and one carved & burned scar on her lower back that reads “I AM NOTHING”.

Zeria also has a copy of Julius’ Griever Necklace, a Lion’s head with cross shaped end where the Lion’s body is supposed to be. The necklace was crafted with sterling silver and was given to Zeria by Julius himself as a proof of friendship.

Zeria’s Demon Form Traits:
-Black markings shaped like a claw mark. There are two on each of her cheeks. 19 of them run up the left side of her body, and 19 more on the right. On her back, are tribal markings forming the Astaroth symbol for “Destruction”. One black marking runs from her forehead to between her eyes.
-Fingernails lengthen to claws
-Eyes become swirled with crimson
-Hair streaks with black
-Black feathered wings
-Fangs lengthen slightly

~~CrossSlash=Two blades cross in front of her (her Punisher and her Hellfire Blade), she grabs them both while leaping at her opponent, and slashes them in an “X” shape movement. If the attack is successful, this technique will leave an “X” scar across the point hit on the body. This attack is usually her starting move, used to gauge an opponents abilities. To her, this attack is merely a spark of energy, combined with the friction from her blades, in order to rocket off a quick slash with enough strength to leave a scar.

~~Full Force Crusher=She brings her blade into the air and slams it to the ground, sending a powerful wave of energy and pieces of the earth at her foe. This particular attack is rather hard for her to execute unless she gains momentum and is currently using her "Nature's Art" technique. It requires for her to swing the Hellfire Blade high above her head and slam it to the ground with enough arm force to split the ground, then using her earth technique to send the ripped earth hurtling at her foe. If her shoulders or legs are damaged, this attack becomes nearly impossible to execute.

~~Soul Separate=For 10 minutes(and 10 minutes only) she can separate her soul from her body(leaving her body open to any and all attacks), so she can enter the body of another and force it to follow her commands. It has a greater successful percentage when used against weakened enemies. Even so, this attack requires half of her strength to use and can wear her out quickly. The longer she remains in the person's body, the less strength she has when she returns, and if she fails to remove herself before the 10 minute time limit, her body suffers a great amount of damage internally, aiming more towards her lungs and other vitals.

~~Nature’s Art=She closes her eyes as a wind begins to swirl around her and she smiles, saying “Natura, artis magistra” (Nature, the mistress of art). The earth will bend to her will and communicate with her as if it were a living being with thoughts. Considering she uses this certain spell often, she's trained hard enough every day in the forests so it only takes a 10th of her strength to use in one specific standing, but the countereffect is that whenever the earth is damaged, she feels a pain in her heart and potential for internal damage. Ex: Through intense concentration, she can form a rose stem into a sharp blade.

~~Shadow Shift= Darkness will swirl up around her and drag her down into the shadows, where she becomes part of the dark. Often, as she is merging with the darkness, you can here her say “Pulvis et umbra sumus” (We are dust and shadow). This is an ability she often uses and has perfected to a point where it only takes an extremely small fraction of her strength for every moment she lies in the shadows, but it's a bit painful if she is found and struck, for then she will be forcefully thrown from the shadows as if a blade were striking at her.

~~Shattered Memory= She smiles and closes her eyes. “A tragedy with more damage than a soul should see” Her eyes will open and become a deep, entrancing blue. Then, those who look into them will relive their worst memories and cause them a mental breakdown. This ability takes quite a bit of energy for her to unleash. Roughly a quarter of her strength, considering the level of focus and power it takes. If she's not careful, and the opponent has a strong will, the spell can be reversed at her and cause her to relive her own worst memories.

-History: From birth, Zeria was treated as a burden. Up to the age of 5, her parents all but abandoned her and left her to the elderly family nanny to be cared for except for when her father had a new experiment in mind. The nanny helped take care of Zeria the best she could, despite that Zeria was a difficult child to deal with. At age 7 for Zeria, the nanny died, and left her alone once more with her brutal parents. She was tortured so horribly, that she began to lose the will to fight. She feared each day she would not wake up, and her father, Zankoku, would turn her into an undead puppet. For 2 years, Zeria suffered at their hand being beaten and abused if she did anything her parents did not like, before she got fed up and ran away, taking the sword her father had on display in the house and hiding in the forests to stay safe. She taught herself basic survival skills, using the land to her benefit. As the earth and shadows became more one with her, she worked with them even more, training them to her usage. By age 13, she was well versed with her own survival, and stumbled upon a man who became her mentor, training her in the art of triple-barreled guns, dual-wielding in blades, stealth skills, hand to hand combat, medical basics, and furthering her magical skills. She stayed with the old man until he died when she was 17, and then ventured off on her own, beginning her start at a mercenary academy (BGMA), and training there for 2 more years and making close friends with Julius Argexis (who she grew to trust with her life), where she became well known, when war struck. Emotions flew and the battle raged for a long time, before finally, when the BGMA (The academy) was outnumbered and could take no more, it all ended with surrender.
Before they were forced to surrender, both Julius Argexis (her closest friend whom she admired most) and Zeria fought against the invading armies in the Headmaster’s Room, where the last battle against Abel would take place. Julius, trying to protect Zeria, battled against Abel alone but was forced to withdraw and surrender. Zeria on the other hand, made one last attempt to strike Abel down to which Julius also responded. Sadly however, the rest of the soldiers arrived and shot Julius down who was shielding Zeria with his own body. Zeria lifted Julius and tried to escape with him through a secret passage.
No matter what she tried, she was captured along with the rest of her comrades, and brought into the MPA unwillingly. There were no means of escape, and she hoped that the BGMA could be restored and brought back from the ruin it now lied in. When she and Julius were finally released, she rejoiced, aiding in the rebuilding of the new academy. When the new academy was established, she joined again, rising to S Class rank, and does missions to this day, even at age 21, her abilities unmatched, and her name widespread as being the top S Class around, often found traveling to do what she does best…

Other Notable Things:
-Zeria has an alternate name she goes as, under the celtic dancer Aya. She changes her appearance slightly, puts on a mask, and dances for celtic festivals year round. There is never a recognizable correlation to her being Zeria, and she intends to keep her secret that way.
-As an Astaroth Demon, Zeria knows she has far too much power for her own good. It is thus sealed away with safeguards and wards. Said seal can be broken when her emotions are strong, a power source stronger than her enters, or if she enters the magic negation room in her father’s dungeons.
-Zeria rarely lets loose her demon form, due to the fact that there are organizations who devote their lives to trying to “save the demon races” by forcing them to mate. Zeria’s kind is hunted rather harshly, and most organizations will do anything to gain control of them.

Special Astaroth Demon Features:
-Can only mate once, and are bound to the mate they take until death. If that mate dies, they die within a few days.
-Alternate dream realities slipped into at near death point, or when their demon half so wishes to inform them of something.
-Those of highest level power have the capabilities to become completely invisible to those weaker than them, taking on a sort of chameleon-like body type. When they re-enter to where they can be seen, they generally shimmer for a few minutes.
-There are only 135 Astaroths left. Only 51 of them are female.
-Each Astaroth has his/her own unique markings and talisman with their name engraved.
-Should someone take an Astaroth demon’s talisman, said individual gains complete command over the demon. It is unfightable, but some commands can be worked around, or altered depending on how the order is given.

-Life Mottos: “What we have begun, we shall finish”/”No one is able to flee from love or death”/”From strength comes unity, honor, and loyalty”/”Love your enemies, it pisses them off”/”It will be over by the time I draw, so don’t blink, or you shall miss your last moments”/”Quaere Verum”(Seek the truth)/”Nill illigitimi carborundum”(Do not let the bastards get you down)/”Remember that you must die”/”Either conquer or die”/”Rather to die than to be dishonored”/”Your destiny is your downfall”/”Villainy wears many masks, none which so dangerous as virtue”/”Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential”/”Life isn’t fair, it’s just fairer than death”/”It’s hard to remember, but it hurts to forget”/”Memories can’t be forgotten…love can’t be forgotten”/

-Theme and Battle Songs:
"Return to the Subject" from the Dirge of Cerberus Soundtrack
"Calm Before the Storm" from the Dirge of Cerberus Soundtrack
"Before The Dawn" by Evanescence
"Diana's Theme" from LoL
"Comatose" by Skillet
"Gift For You" by Celldweller
"Hurricane" by 30 Seconds To Mars


-Name: Zankoku Cassius Iiyasei
-Age: 259
-Gender: Male
-Race: Astaroth Demon
-Date of Birth: August 1st
-Current Location: A high tech, security enforced lab 3 miles underground hidden by an upper ground level lab that spans a half mile, located in the village of Iolani.
-Hometown/Original Birthplace: Iolani
Wife: Etana Aleron
Daughter (though he won’t admit it): Zeria Iiyasei
Job: Scientist

Personality: Zankoku can only be described as a sadistic, heartless bastard. He cares only for himself, and seeks to gain limitless amounts of power, no matter the cost. He despises weakness, and refuses to ever admit defeat. If challenged, his opponent is usually murdered in cold blood. He finds enjoyment and pleasure in the pain of others. He dedicates his life to experimenting and searching for new ways to extend his lifespan and create powerful beings to become his pawns. Zankoku is also very cocky and arrogant, and enjoys to try and push to see what makes people tick. When he thinks he is winning, he is very cruel, saying things that are meant to hurt or upset or break the will of whomever he is torturing. Thinks he is a god.

-Equipment: Zankoku is predominantly a magick-based person, so he only has two weapons, one of which remains in his lab most of the time. He has a diamond and titanium claymore that is as big as, if not bigger, than he is. The hilt is made of gold, with a ruby embedded in it. Zankoku’s full name is engraved into the blade. His other weapon, of which is on him at all times, is a spear that retracts into itself (think about those plastic kids light saber toys that fold into themselves). It is completely made of titanium, except for the blade is infused with diamond alloys.

-Appearance: Zankoku does not look youthful by any means, but he doesn’t look like an old geezer. His hair reaches shoulders, is a faded brownish-gray, and has a slight perm-like wave to it. His eyes are pitch black and cold. His skin is somewhat tanned, with marred scars. He is stocky and stands at about 6’ 5” tall, weighing almost 300lbs.
Main= Predominantly, Zankoku resides in his lab, and keeps his clothing to a minimal. He wears black slacks tucked into dark gray hunting boots that reach just below the knee, a long sleeved white shirt with a black, sleeveless tunic over it, and his off-white, full length lab coat. The coat has multiple pockets, each filled with some sort of vial, syringe, or tiny glass bottle. One pocket holds a clipboard and pen.
Travel=For travel, Zankoku rids himself of his lab coat, choosing to don almost an armor. He keeps his same basic clothing on, but instead of a black tunic, it is a brown-tan leather tunic. There are spiked shoulder guards, black with silver spikes protruding. He also will wear tanned brown hunting gloves. His claymore will be strapped across his back.

Soul Separate, Shattered Memory, Memory Tap, Resistance to Most Magick, Basic Elemental Mastery

-History: Zankoku’s birth was a very much feared thing in the village of Iolani. At that time, the Astaroth population was at its strongest, and the village was thriving. But his birth changed things, including that his mother died giving birth to him. Suddenly Astaroths were dying off, crops were failing to grow, machinery wasn’t working…and people noticed it. By age 5, there wasn’t a single person left in the village who didn’t hate Zankoku, even his father was disgusted with him. No one would speak to him, or so much as look at him, and if they did look at him, it was with disgust. He quickly became a loner, choosing solitude locked up with books or out in the fields of crops. One evening, when he was 7, a rabbit hopped past him. Curious, he followed it. When he found it again, it was cornered by a fox. He watched from a distance as the rabbit was killed and dragged off. That sparked his first moment of sadistic thoughts. He spent the rest of that day, playing the memory through his head, grinning. For years after, he took enjoyment in watching things die, even going as far as to kill, mutilate, and experiment with animals using magick. At age 9, he first met Etana. She had been picking flowers, and he’d been watching. A bear had tried to attack her, and Zankoku had leapt out, killing the beast with ease. Etana had been scared, so Zankoku showed her the “fun” in killing and mutilation, quickly turning her from an innocent little girl, to a bloodthirsty demon. On Zankoku’s 13th birthday, the entire village attacked him, trying to kill him. Full demon instinct took over, and he slaughtered everyone but Etana. The remaining villagers who’d been hiding, were immediately possessed and turned into mindless slaves. He then murdered his father in cold blood, and made himself ruler of the village. After 187 years, he was a rich and powerful man, creating new experiments every day in a high tech lab. That year, he made an experiment using his wife, Etana, and impregnated her, injecting her body with enchanted formulas and things to see how powerful he could create the child. After he sped up Etana’s birth cycle, Zeria was born. Zankoku, not wanting to deal with the child, forced her on a nanny he hired, taking the female child only when he wanted to use her for experiments. As the child grew however, he realized something had gone wrong, because the child was not obedient and he could not completely take control of her mind. Nor could he get her talisman off her body to control her. It had seemed to repel him each time he’d tried to take it. Instead, he beat and tortured the girl until she had no will left to fight him. She became his plaything, and he used her for experiment after experiment, testing poisons and antidotes, powerful spells, and cloning tests. None of his cloning tests were ever successful. The day he was due to test a death and resurrection spell on the girl, the 9 year old eluded him and escaped his laboratory, killing quite a large chunk of his guard along the way. He spent years raging, trying to locate her, until now, when he’s got her in his sights, and is waiting for the moment to spring his trap and capture her again…

Other Notable Things:
-Zankoku’s current plan is to interbreed all of the strongest demons of each breed, to create an army of the strongest demons possible, all under his control.

Zeria Iiyasei

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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Re: Zeria's Soul-Torn Warriors   Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:28 pm

**Comes from same world as Kestra and the Bounty Hunter 5**

Name: Vih’kos Zhekhar’rit
Nickname/Codename: Tactician
Age: 159
Gender: Male
Species: Shadow Walker
Hometown/Original Birthplace: Europe




Racial Abilities: Shadow Manipulation, Shadow Stepping (portals of shadow, basically), Incorporeal/Corporeal shifting

Enhancements: Resistance to light (not much), eyesight, mental processing,


Other: He has weaknesses to light and can be caused serious pain or fall ill if exposed to too much of it.

Theme and Battle Songs:

Zeria Iiyasei
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Zeria's Soul-Torn Warriors
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