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 The Construct's Legions

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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:15 pm

Name: Vagrant Soul
Age: unknown
Species: Elemetal
Sub-Species: Darkness
Height: 5' 11"

An elemental of darkness, she tends to be more carnal in her joys, and rather open about it. Not being human, she doesn't have to worry about human diseases or human prisons, so she can kill, rob, or screw anyone she pleases. Generally though, she sticks to Quilla's side, standing up for the more timid demon and generally being the definition of bitchy punkrock goth.

Taller and more slender than her friend, she is not as well endowed and yet has a charisma all her own, in part due to the timbre of her voice, and her thick London accent. She and Quilla spend many a night singing and dancing, going from club to club teasing the poor mortals around them, and even occasionally seducing them.

Until she met someone she wanted to protect, Soul never even realized that she wanted a companion. Now that she knows she does, she looks jealously at happy human couples, wanting that happiness for herself but not even knowing where to start looking for it. Another thing she learned about herself was just how lonely she is, and how broken she feels because of it. For all of her toughness, her rude attitude, and her harsh language, there are nights when Quilla has to hold her as she weeps, until she finally falls asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Tue May 10, 2011 5:51 pm

slightly not on topic, but... this was the only place i could think of to say that i'm done wandering...
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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Mon May 16, 2011 3:43 pm


Age: not certain, estimated at 30's
Height: 6'2"
Species: Human, shade-possessed
Physique: Hard and conditioned by living in a dying world, fighting for survival.
Personality: Gruff and grating, though some believe that he's a big softie at heart. There has never been proof to substantiate such a belief however.
Occupation: Jack-of-all-Trades. Likes to hunt down shades and possessed.
Weapons/Powers: Carries a Titanium Memory Alloy spear named Dream's End and is accompanied by a sentient and powerful book called Grimoire Rouge.

Dream's End drinks the blood of its victims, giving him a portion of their lifeforce to heal his wounds, and its keen edge aids his already prodigious strength in destroying all opponents.

Grimoire Rouge is somewhat moody, neither living up to the "savior" reputation of Grimoire Weiss who accompanied the Nameless Warrior, or the "destroyer" reputation of Grimoire Noir, the book that was finally defeated by Weiss and the Warrior. Still, she is a book filled with much knowledge and also bears the ability to kill with words. Her Sealed Verses include:

Gebuloth Lugzarken Dark Gluttony: Absorb the magical attacks of opponents and either fire them back, or use their power to fuel a new spell.
Gebuloth Lugzarken Dark Execution: Summon spikes around the caster to impale enemies and drain their life.
Ululoth Lugzarken Dark Lance: Throw one lance or many to pierce and drive back their targets.
Gebuloth Lugzarken Dark Hand: Summon one hand or several to smash and grab opponents.

His own powers are these:
Gebuloth Lugzarken Dark Phantasm: Summon a shadowy doppelganger to attack all enemies within the bounds of the spell.
Hoduloth Ashurzarken Shade Step: Blink from one place to another, slamming one hand into the opponent and draining a portion of their life force.

History: Nothing is really known about him, except that he comes and goes in towns, doing odd jobs for the locals and taking special pleasure in killing shades and those possessed by shades. One person once heard him say that he is looking for a good way to die, or a way to be free, whichever came first.
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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Mon May 23, 2011 12:38 pm

Guillame Oderschvank

General Information
Age: unknown
Height: 5' 9"
Species: Grim Reaper
Physique: Extremely slender, almost skeletal, with a shark-like smile and split eyes, one ruby and one sapphire. Keeps his hair waist long and dyes it red.
Personality: Quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and acidic, yet loyal to a fault to those who can gain his friendship.
Occupation: ...uh, Grim Reaper?
Weapons/Powers: Weapon is his scythe, which takes the form of a gigantic pair of scissors. They will cut through anything, and their power is "Death Deserving." When cut by the scythe, the victim dies in whatever way suits them best. Flames for guilt, drowning for anger, instantly fatal hypothermia for lust, poisoning for envy, and so on. Is also inhumanly fast and strong, and can rebound from nearly any blow or wound.
History: His hero is the insane Grim Reaper Grell Sutcliffe, who illegally modified his scythe to look and function like a chainsaw. Grell's scythe, like all Reaper's, had the ability "Cinematic Review", allowing him to see the lives of those he killed, but his favorite method of killing was through spells that would often burn the victim to ash.

Gui was so enthralled by this that he hoped he would be granted a scythe with that ability, and when he obtained his scythe, he modified it to take the form of the scissors that Grell was forced to use after his scythe was confiscated, though many times larger. The first time he killed someone, Gui was ecstatic to find that his scythe would allow him to give humans the deaths they deserved most.

Song: XTC
Other pictures: none
Hangout: --
Friends/companions: none. Hero is Grell Sutcliffe, knows who Undertaker is.

Biggest regret: none
Greatest memory: being granted Death Deserving.
Greatest fear: none
Weakness/s: none known
Strengths: strength, speed, and tenacity
Greatest Passion: his job as a Reaper
Truest Love/Crush: none

Element 1: Blood
Element 2: Wind
Symbol 1: Sirrocco
Symbol 2: scissors
Animal: none
Color: silver
Object: a single tooth from some shark.
Random: has a contract seal over his heart. Why it is there, no one knows...

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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Fri May 27, 2011 3:39 pm

Gesshin & Kirima

General Information
Age: Gesshin = 16 years, Kirima = 17 years
Height: Gesshin = 1.97 m, Kirima = 1.63 m
Species: Human Meister & Death Weapon
Physique: Gesshin is well-muscled and fit, perfectly suited to his own style of fighting. When in human form, Kirima is slim and light, but very curvy.
Personality: Gesshin is quiet and brooding, an animal lover at heart, and a brilliant tactician. Kirima, as his weapon, is a sharp-tongued and quick-minded woman, quick to anger where others are concerned, and quick to calming down where he is concerned. A partnered pair, Gesshin and Kirima show nothing but focus around others, but when alone together, Kirima does her best to woo Gesshin.
Occupation: Reapers
Weapons/Powers: Kirima is his Death Weapon, and takes the form of bladed gauntlets and boots. Gesshin's fighting style is singularly suited to having blades attached to his body, since each strike doubles as a punch or a kick and a slash.
Black Soul Sympathy: The Soul Resonance of Gesshin and Kirima, utilizing the unique power of the souls they have that are steeped in darkness and their own inner madness.
Symphony of Pain: A ghostly dance of blows that follows a haunting melody that plays from nowhere.
Symphony of Despair: A higher form of the first dance, more demonic and destructive, the melody and tempo is faster and darker and brings out a higher resonance rate.
Symphony of Destruction: Their highest resonance rate, the music causes a bone-chilling fear that sets the nerves on edge and incapacitates lesser beings. The tempo is at its fastest and most furious here, and the music is dark enough to cause waking nightmares, and Kirima vibrates the most here, almost like Ragnarok's Scream Sympathy.
History: Students at the DWMA, there isn't much to say about them. Their goal is to recover 99 demon egg souls and 1 witch soul, transforming Kirima into a Death Scythe and making her weapon form complete.

Other pictures: none
Hangout: --
Friends/companions: Tsubaki & Black Star, Death the Kid & Patti & Liz, Maka & Soul Eater

Biggest regret: none
Greatest memory: Teaming with Kirima.
Greatest fear: none
Weakness/s: only human
Strengths: tenacity, skill, and drive.
Greatest Passion: his job as a Reaper
Truest Love/Crush: each other, though Gesshin hides it almost always

Element 1: Steel
Element 2: Darkness
Symbol 1: gauntlets
Symbol 2: crescent moon
Animal: none
Color: maroon and black
Object: crescent moon and star pendant, paired.
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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:53 pm

General Information
Name: Tsukiyo no Hana
Alias: Lunacenta
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Rukongai District, Seireitei
Birthdate: December 1, reborn as a Hollow December 1
Actual Age: 666
Current Residence: Svarga
Affliation: Urahara
Rank: Number 3 Dieva
History: Her parents were humans living in Spain who had never seen a hollow or heard of them. She was born December 1, and died along with her parents in a hollow attack that same day, being reborn in the Soul Society as an infant. She grew up in the Rukongai district, yet always had an unexplained fear of hollows.

She was about 22 when she joined the Academy, determined to become a Soul Reaper to overcome her fear. She trained herself mercilessly, always training her zanjutsu and hakudo so that she would be forced to get up close to the very creatures she feared when she cleansed them. She hoped that if she was close to them, she would grow out of her fear.

She was on a practical exam the first time she actually encountered a hollow.The thing was damn huge and looked like a frog! Worse, it reeked of death and it had unnaturally long fingers and a grotesque mask. She shivered uncontrollably and couldn't move to fight it, which meant that one of her classmates had to save her from it.

After that, she was ashamed and trained even harder, forcing herself to imagine every opponent was that hollow. She pushed herself harder and harder until her fear progressed past fear, becoming something akin to hatred. She couldn't stop herself from attacking when she saw a hollow, or when she saw someone as a hollow, or when she saw something that looked like a hollow, or something that reminded her of hollows.

Her next practical exam was an unmitigated success, from her viewpoint. The hollows were dead, she had killed them, and everything was hunky-dory. Except she barely passed again because she had not worked with her team. She was cunfused, not seeing how it should matter when no one got hurt and the enemy got dead.

She never bothered to learn from that however, instead forcing her instructors to allow her to do exams on her own, after which point she never came close to failing for any reason other than unnecessary brutality. Still, it was enough to be allowed to get her zanpakuto.

She entered the cave and almost immediately heard a voice, cool and feminine, calling out to her. "Who are you?"

"My name is Tsukiyo no Hana."

"Why have you come?"

"To find my companion, my Zanpakuto."

​She heard a laugh, cold and heartless, and it filled her with the same dread as the hollows did. "What makes you believe you are worthy of one? You are weak. You are afraid."

"I am not weak, I am determined. I will overcome my fear, and I will kill anything that gets in my way. I will not fail, ever."

​The figure that walks out of the shadows is a cruelly thorned woman covered in slithering greenery, a trail of rose petals falling in her wake. Her words chill Tsukiyo to the bone. "You already have. You always will... without me. But you need to remember that you need me."

​Her hand slaps Tsukiyo across the face, her left cheek stinging and oozing. It wouldn't be until later that she would see the tattoo on her skin. In that moment, the woman reformed into a sharp blade that fit perfectly into her hand.

She emerged 'victorious', her new Zanpakuto at her hip, eager to go on a mission after the thrill of success. In time, she learned her shikai release, and when she graduated, she was picked for the 2nd Division. Her speed was valued, though she wasn't the fastest by any measure. She was, however, very adept at hakudo and zanjutsu, making her very useful for stealth missions.

As 10th seat, she was quickly accepted in the squad and even included in the social events. On missions, however, she was feared a little because of how cold and ruthless she was, and how little she thought about sacrificing tactics to simply kill the enemy. She moved up through the ranks steadily, her reputation as a ruthless and bloodthirsty killer growing behind her back.

It was never enough though. She couldn't sleep well because her dreams were always nightmares, filled with hollows. In her dreams, her Zanpakuto abandoned her and then mocked her weakness, watching as the hollows tore her apart again and again. Slowly, those dreams bled into her mind and poisoned her trust of her weapon, until she was constantly questioning Wansauzando Hanabira in her mind. Still she fought on, her zanpakuto always at her side. As a Vice Captain, she continued to train and fight, creating ways to use her abilities to supplement her already ferocious attacks.

She worked to combine her zanpakuto's ability of explosive petals with a kido suited to dispersing them, and created her signature version of Hado 58 Tenran. She was well pleased with the powerful and explosive results, using it to great satisfaction against a hollow on one purification. Her zanpakuto was proud of her, and urged her to go for Bankai.

She didn't trust her sword, but she did it anyway. The process was long, and frequently left her bloody and exhausted. It took her three years of training just to actually learn how to activate it, and she couldn't use it for long. Once she had it though, she found she liked the whip that resulted from its activation, covered in thorns that could use dust to hold her reiatsu and then use it to "poison" an opponent's ability to access their own, making it more difficult to attack.

She trained and trained and trained, until she could finally use her bankai effectively. Then, when her zanpakuto trusted her completely, she turned on it. She had researched how to absorb it, fuse its soul to her own, so that her thoughts were the thoughts of her zanpakuto, and vice versa. She had prepared meticulously for the Devouring, making sure that everything was ready.

When she began the ritual, Wansauzando Hanabira was confused. She didn't know what was going on until she felt her soul begin to be absorbed into her master, and then she fought. She screamed and she fought, trying to tear herself away from the woman who was so consumed by fear of hollows and suspicion of her that she would devour her own blade. The tug-of-war over the soul of the zanpakuto was long, but in the end there was only one possible outcome. At the culmination of the rite, Tsukiyo heard the irritated voice of her zanpakuto within her head, "I hope you're pleased."

She returned to her duties as Vice Captain, though she had to work constantly to make sure it was never discovered that she had devoured the soul of her blade. She was an outcast from those who had been her friends, and she was lonely most of the time. Her captain would speak to her, but he was the only one.

On a mission, the 2nd Division encountered a swarm of hollows. Tsukiyo was astonished to see so many, and almost froze up. When her captain told her to go though, she charged and dove into the fight, glorying in the kill and letting her fear of the damnable things push her on and on. Her squad originally fought as well, but soon they all stopped to watch in amazement as she cut down hollow after hollow. Her fear once again became hatred, and hatred became rage. She not only allowed herself to be consumed by it, but dove headlong into the darkness.

So blinded by her rage was she that she failed to see that the hollows adapted to her. She kept killing and killing, never once thinking to activate her Bankai, never once thinking that perhaps her armor would be necessary. So when the hand that killed her appeared through the center of her chest, she felt nothing but surprise and regret. She had failed to kill all her enemies before dying, and that regret made sure she lingered.

For months, she was nothing other than a malignant spirit, but when the hole that had killed her body opened up and swallowed her and all surrounding reishi, she felt... exultation. She was alive again, though hungry. Very hungry.

She wandered, looking for any meal she could find, and devoured it. It started with humans, but when she found a small hollow and devoured it as well, the power she felt flooding through her reawakened her hatred for hollows and twisted it. That hate became her hunger, and she pursued any hollow she could find, devouring them all and gaining strength.

After hundreds of hollows, her power had grown to a tipping point, and she became a Gillian. Her hunger remained, but curiosity ate at her. The smaller hollows would not satisfy her now she soon learned, and so turned on another Gillian. She felt that familiar rush of power and chased after it again, devouring any Gillian she found that was weaker than her.

The process repeated itself, and she found herself an Adjuchas. She kept wandering about the world she had resided in since her first ascent, seeking another Adjuchas weaker than herself. When she found it, she devoured it and gained its power as before. By now, Tsukiyo was feeling more herself, her mind coming back and her resolve taking form. She would gain power until she was stronger than any of the shinigami she had once known, until she was stronger than anything she had ever met.

She kept eating until she became a Vasto Lorde, even then eating anything she could find that would make her stronger. Soon, she was stronger than the captain she had served. She was as strong as some of the Espada were reported to have been. She could take on anyone!

Anyone, that is, except the man that found her one day. Urahara found her and easily subdued her. Rage poured through her, lending her strength, but it wasn't enough to break the Bakudo he bound her with. He smiled at her as she struggled, and eventually pulled out a small jewel.

"Do you want power? I can give it to you."

"Why would you do that?" she snarled. "You're a shinigami, you kill hollows like me. Just like I used to."

"I can use you, that's why. You are powerful, but I can make you stronger. All I need is for you to help me. Work with me."

She sneers at him, but for all that he is too keen and she can see it, she finds that with him standing there, not moving, waiting for her to say something, she believed him.

"Fine. I'll ally myself with you."

The next moment was agony. The Bakudo vanished, but her body was torn by what felt like the fires of hell as power coursed through the little jewel in the man's hand and into her. When it was over, she found he had kept his promise. She was stronger than she'd ever imagined. And she felt no hunger, at least not like she had.

"What - What am I?"

"You are a Dieva now, and you are mine."
Rank: Where do you place along with everyone else?
General Appearance
Visual Appearance:
Physical Appearance: She is 5'4" and curvy, her measurements coming out at 34-24-32. Her hair is a deep rose red, matching the shikai release her zanpakuto had before the Devouring. Her right arm bears a scar on the back of her wrist from where her blade extends in shikai. The left side of her face has a twisted and thorny tattoo that glows a faint white.
Clothing and Armor: She wears a cloak made of torn scraps of cloth, and the clothing underneath seems to be sewn together from more scraps, almost all of them black or dark gray. The top ends just above her navel, and the skirt hangs low on her hips, ending about four inches above her knees. She never wears shoes.
Visual Age: 22
Personality: Mentally, she is cold and detached, almost entirely without visible emotion. She will hardly react to anything, though when she does, she reacts in extreme ways, often completely losing her temper and going on a rampage.

Her cold detachment allows her to look at the situation she is in rationally, usually granting her insight others are too hasty to gain. Even when she is enraged or at an extreme of emotion, she tends to be very perceptive, having the ability to tell ally from enemy.

Her weakness is that the only person whom she does not show detachment towards is Urahara. If he is threatened, she will react in a split second, though since he is powerful enough to rarely be threatened, she does not react rashly very often. He is also the only person who is capable of causing her feelings to be hurt.
Name: Wansauzando Hanabira

Vypustit Release:Release Phrase: "Oishigeru, Wansauzando Hanabira" (Overgrow, Wansauzando Hanabira) Release Method: none, since the blade(s) extend from her wrist.Resurrección Appearance:
Resurrección Abilities: Petal Rain: She uses her zanpakuto to execute a series of crescent slices as she dashes forward. The movements of her blade leave a rain of explosive petals behind so that even if the slashes themselves do not damage the opponent much, the detonations will. To detonate, she simply says "Burn".
Pain's Path: She uses her zanpakuto to slash the earth in front of her, the dust kicked up from that action clinging to her blade. She then charges forward, slamming into her target and repeatedly kicking them, knocking them off balance and making it difficult to guard when she swings the heavy blade in an attempt to cut them in half.
Vypustit: Vtoroy Rogdyene [Release: Second Birth]**Now with this release, only 70% of your true power is used. This means that you are on par with at least the top three tier of the late Espada.**
Release Name: Ranpeiji chūkū
Resurrección Appearance: The blades she used in her first release form are now two thorny whips, each about eight feet in length at full extension though the arc of most of her attacks shortens the reach to about six feet unless she is attacking solely in one direction.
Resurrección Abilities: Petal Rain simply powers up.

Pain's Embrace: A stronger version of Pain's Path, the dust coating her weapon manifestations acts like a reishi poison, 'infecting' her opponent's spiritual energy to make it more difficult to access until it is cleared. Her weapons also appear as thorny whips, entangling and constricting her opponents in a sadistic embrace.
Vypustit: Tretey Prenoset [Release: Third Bringing]**100% of your power is used in this release. Basically this is the very, VERY last resort. Don't go around using the third release unless you are fighting some uber opponent.**
Release Name: Sora no bāsākā
Resurrección Appearance: no change
Resurrección Abilities: Petal Tempest: Because of the power manifest in her attacks and the weapon form she uses in her second and third release, when she is fully released her Petal Rain actually causes a small cyclone of explosive rose petals.

Pain's Embrace becomes more powerful, and the reishi poison far more virulent and difficult to resist and get rid of.
Hollow Powers
Cero: a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Visored have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently and forcefully. Cero also requires some time to be used effectively, so the enemy must be either not moving or busy with something else, or too badly wounded to even simply dodge it, with the exception of a few Cero techniques and users. Additionally, there exists quite a number of variations of Cero, which are usually unique to the Arrancar using it.

Cero Needle: She can concentrate all the force and power of a cero into a dense pinpoint strike, rendering it much more dangerous against those with high defensive capabilities. The needle is capable of piercing hierro or a spiritual pressure guard, though if either is strong enough the needle's effect will be reduced.

High-Speed Regeneration: the ability that allows a Hollow to heal most injuries very quickly, with the exception of the destruction of the head or vital organs. Ulquiorra states that most Arrancar gave up Regeneration for far greater strength.

Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron," Japanese for "Steel Skin") refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar generally have proportionally stronger skin than usual.

Sonído (響転 (ソニード), sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound," Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami Flash Steps and the Quincy Hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of Sonído is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound caused by Flash Steps.
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PostSubject: Re: The Construct's Legions   Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:59 pm

General Information
Name: Konan Mizuten
Alias: Tenshi
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Rukongai District
Birthdate: February 22
Actual Age: 723
Current Residence: 9th Squad Barracks, Captain's quarters.
Affliation: Gotei 13
History: Born to a minor noble family in the Rukongai district, Konan was raised well, though she was never as privileged as those born into greater families like the Kuchiki family. She always saw the Gotei 13 as the greatest service she could render the Soul Society, and always strove to make herself strong enough to become a Shinigami. Growing up, she was always adept at the weaker kido, as well as rudimentary shun-po, both of which she learned from her father, a 5th seat in the 4th Division.

When she turned 17, she enrolled at the Shinigami Academy where she very quickly made friends. Because of her constant hard work, some viewed her as stuck up and full of herself, since she never seemed to have time for people, but those that knew her knew that it was her dream to serve in the Gotei 13. For the first eight years of her tenure at the Academy, she excelled in her classes, always among the top students in kido and shun-po. Where she struggled was zanjutsu, though even there she was only in hte middle of the field, not behind everyone else. However, because of her weaknesses in sword combat and taijutsu, she was kept from seeking her zanpakuto until she was 25.

When she was finally allowed to try for her zanpakuto, she was in the cave three days before she heard a voice. It whispered into her mind, Why do you seek me? She gave the only answer she'd ever given when asked why she wanted to become a Shinigami, "To serve." The voice asked again, Why do you seek to serve? and she replied, "Because it is my duty to serve, and my dream to serve. It is all I have ever wanted." For a time, the voice was silent, then it said, Very well. I will serve with you. The sword that appeared to her was, in her eyes, beautiful. The sheath was carved with cherry blossoms, the hilt-guard was a lotus bloom, the hilt was wrapped in a deep royal purple and red, and the blade itself seemed to shine on its own. For two more days, she stayed in that cave, asking the sword its name, until it replied to her, Kami no Hana.

When she emerged, her friends gathered around her and congratulated her, smiling and proud. Some of them already had their zanpakuto as well, and some had yet to get theirs. For another three years, they trained together, learning their shikai releases and taking low-rank hollow missions. She always led her missions successfully, her kido and her team's skills prevailing against each hollow they fought. Her graduation exam, both the written and the practical portions, went smoothly, and she was accepted into the Gotei 13 as an unseated member of 9th Division.

It was when she was a part of a division that she saw the truth about life as a Shinigami. Though she still saw it as the ultimate service to the Soul Society, she saw that it would not be easy, and it was not without incredible risk. She learned very quickly that each mission could be her last, and she saw friends die in the field, or in their barracks after a mission when their wounds were too great and even 4th Division could not heal them. Konan's eyes were quickly opened to the stark reality that she had always been able to ignore: out there, on the field, everyone was equal. There was no privilege, there was no hierarchy, and there was barely any kind of grace. On the field, the only thing that mattered was the squad. If the squad had a mission, that was the first priority, and even your own life came second. It was a point that her father never got home to her, but life on the battlefield did very quickly.

She'd served ten years and made it to 5th seat when tragedy hit her squad again. Their captain fell to an Adjuchas and several Gillians that had reached the human world. If it had been the Adjuchas alone, Konan believed that the captain would not have fallen. She blamed the lieutenant for leaving him to die, she blamed the hollows for taking his life and the lives of so many of her friends, and most of all, she blamed herself. She felt like she could have helped more if she'd just been stronger. She closed herself off from the world for a while following that event, and could be seen walking the barracks or going about her duties with no expression on her face.

It wasn't until another six years later, when she became lieutenant of 9th Division, that she opened up to the world again. She had long since taken to wearing an origami camellia in her hair, and her captain, the lieutenant she had blamed for so long, told her that seeing her smile again was like seeing that flower come to life. That one comment hit her hard, an arrow to the heart. She slowly began to realize over the coming months and then years that sometime during her closed-off phase, she had stopped blaming him. That her feelings toward him had changed significantly, and become something else, something more tender. Part of her said that it was forbidden to feel that way for your commander, but most of her didn't care.

As lieutenant, she was always by his side, and on missions they became an efficient team that could usually stand up to many hollows at once. At home, in the barracks, they slowly grew close. For nearly twenty years, she allowed herself to feel and to think that maybe she would be able to serve and be happy at the same time. The captain was beside her, he cared for her, and he encouraged her drive to become strong enough to protect and serve with everything she had. He was there to help her train for her Bankai, and he kept her healthy through all of her failed attempts until she finally achieved it. He was by her side to train her in endurance, and she only thought of him when she started to falter. Yet all good things must come to an end, and even this would not last.

The year she was 563, there was a mass breakout of hollows in the human world. Almost every division was constantly on missions, and 9th, along with 11th and 6th, were always the ones taking the largest volume of hollows. The mission that she would never forget seemed like just another routine clean-up. A couple dozen hollows, a Gillian or two, nothing out of the ordinary. As the fight wore on, something seemed out of place, because there were always more hollows, yet they had already killed those that were there when they found them. She and the captain fought back to back, and other members of the squad did the same. It finally seemed that the flood was thinning out, until a Garganta opened and two Vasto Lorde stepped through. She and the captain sent as many squad members back as they could, and sent a request for aid to the Kenpachi of 11th.

The low-level hollows backed off and held when commanded by the Vastos, and it was Konan, her captain, and everyone fifth seat and above. The battle was long and tiring, and made several of them wonder if they would live to see tomorrow. They held until the Kenpachi arrived, and even managed to take down one of the Vastos, but in the process, they lost track of the other Vasto Lorde. The arrival of the Kenpachi caused them to relax, just for a moment, and the Vasto took advantage of that moment. She appeared right behind the captain and punched her hand through his body, tearing out his heart.

Konan's world fell apart around her. Those still there from her squad froze at the sight of their captain dead on the arm of a Vasto Lorde, yet Konan went berserk for the only time in her life. Though she was tired, and though her heart was breaking more by the moment, she forced herself to go Bankai and attacked. The Kenpachi, having witnessed her captain's death, didn't say a word, just stepped into the fight and fought beside her until they prevailed. With the hollow that had killed her captain dead, and with her reiatsu past spent, Konan passed out and had to be carried back to the Seireitei.

When she awoke, the events that had led her to this point all hit her. Growing up in Rukongai, training at the Academy, working her way up the seatings in the division, the death of her first captain, falling in love with a man she shouldn't have because of politics, and then the death of the man she loved. She withdrew into herself once more, yet this time she had expression, and she always looked like she was grieving for every lost soul. The members of her squad took to calling her "Tenshi" because she always looked like a crying angel. Eventually, she took the Captaincy exam and passed. Though it made her happy to have achieved her life's goal, she was still saddened that it had taken so much death to get there.

Rank: Captain
Division: Division 9
Previous Division: Division 9

General Appearance
Visual Appearance:
Physical Appearance: She is about 5' 6", with black hair just short of reaching her shoulders. On the right side of her head, her hair is held back by an origami camellia blossom. She has large, almond shaped gray eyes, and almost translucently pale skin. In the center of her lower lip, she has a piercing set with a sapphire, the stone a reminder of her former captain, and she has a diamond pattern of four piercings around her navel.
Clothing and Armor: She wears the traditional shihakusho of a Shinigami, and over that she wears the Captain's haori of 9th Division. Her feet are covered with white tabi socks and she wears comfortable sandals. On her hands, she wears black wraps that reach almost up to her elbows.
Visual Age: 25
Personality: She is a generally kind, if somewhat driven person, and she values duty and service over everything else. She often looks sad, though she has been known to smile, laugh, and enjoy the company of others on a fairly frequent basis. She loves flowers, origami, reading, calligraphy, and taking walks in gardens when the cherry trees are blossoming. Like most Shinigami, she dislikes hollows, though for her it is very nearly hatred, and she dislikes prunes, people without humor, people who believe they are entitled to special treatment, and the snobbery of the higher class families. Through her life, she has always shown an affinity for kido and shun-po, and her zanpakuto fits her combat style very well. However, she has never excelled at zanjutsu or taijutsu, though she can do both fairly well. For all her skill with kido, her swordwork when not in shikai or bankai leaves a bit to be desired, and her hand-to-hand combat suffers from a dislike of using her hands for combat.

Zanpakutō Identiy
Zanpakutō Name: Kami no Hana
Spirit Identiy: paper samurai
Spirit World: think the inner world of Masamune from Soul Eater
Sealed Zanpakutō: A normal katana with deep purple and red wrapping on the hilt. The hilt-guard is a lotus bloom, and the sheath is carved with cherry blossoms. It is thrust through the sash at her waist on the left side.

Release Phrase: "Unfold, Kami no Hana"
Release Method: She holds it up in front of her face like a fencer saluting an opponent.
Shikai Appearance: The blade vanishes and is rebuilt from what seems to be paper, growing longer by about half a foot. The hilt-guard then closes on the blade, and a paper chain extends from the other end of the hilt.
Shikai Abilities: Paper Mirage: Grants her the ability to use "paper clones" to mask her movement when she uses shun-po. She is able to create a new one each time she uses shun-po, up to six "clones". Her "clones" will attack with her, though they are fragile and cannot do much other than provide a distraction.

Shikigami Dance: Gives her the ability to use paper to attack, turning it into needles and guiding them with extreme precision.

Bankai Name: Tenshi no yōna kami-sei no hana
Bankai Release Phrase: "Unfold to the Heavens, Tenshi no yōna kami-sei no hana"
Bankai Appearance:
Cloaks her in a protective layer of paper that she can harden to act as armor, and gives her wings of paper.
Bankai Abilities: Can harden her paper armor, can fly with the wings granted by her Bankai, and can use up to twelve paper clones. In Bankai, her clones can actually attack and do damage, though they are still fragile. Her wings are made of countless sheets of paper, and she can use those paper "feathers" like the needles of her Shikigami Dance, though in far greater numbers and with much greater effectiveness as weapons. Retains her Shikigami Dance. This form also gives her the ability to use her kido without incantations, just the number and name, without losing much power.

Bakudo 4, Bakudo 9, Bakudo 21, Bakudo 61, Bakudo 81, Hado 4, Hado 32, Hado 33, Hado 73, Hado 88, Hado 90
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