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PostSubject: Salutations.   Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:15 am

Thought I'd throw this up. Just a quick hello, and explanation of the not quite obvious enough(At least I feel that way about it). Noticing that you prefer one account per roleplayer, I hope it's not too much of an issue that I am using different character avatar and signature, also... I apologize if my signature exceeds this forum's dimensions tried to find rules on it, but couldn't. 400x150 was the accepted standard for a very long time, and I no longer have the means to adjust them(Also why I am using seperate avatars); Whilst that duck is in the water, it's also another reason I'm not using a matching avatar (Exceeds file size, not parameters.)

While I imagine some of you may wonder why a different character name is linked to an e-mail adress, as I have pointed out in my profile, Syd, is my spam account and also my oldest character. You won't see any of his presence here though. That aside, joined this forum because it is far more active than my other outlet for RP, and after nearly two months of stagnance, my creative mind is beginning to get a little screwy.

All things aside, you may refer to me as Kal, or kalamos until I make my character and find a home. Out of character I'll answer to JollyD, or Syd. For any whom feel the need to know my experience level in RP, been doing this for nearly(if not more than) a full decade now.

Roleplaying Resume! And of course, contact notes.

Screen Names I use on yahoo are listed here
I commonly roleplayed on cheeta chat or yahoo chat until chat RP pretty much went out the window.

Member since, should be enabled, which will display how long I've been a yahoo member on said accounts.

Sydrian_of_demi (Inactive character, spam mail account(oldest account)
Kalamos_trison (active character, disabled e-mail(oldest character still active)

It is best to contact me directly in a chat system of some kind. I have left my chat screen names for you guys. If you contact me on skype, be sure to inform me you're from the forum.

Past Roleplaying forums/realms
(In order of latest to eldest)

Darkrealmz RP forum(Very stagnant currently, this is the only forum I'm active on currently.)
Aoyn forums (Don't have contact with this forum anymore. Profile was either kalamos or kalamos trison)
Eden-Era (First RP forum I took a part in; Essentially where I learned to roleplay. Forum went down years ago to my knowledge. They came back once, and then went down again. Unsure if they ever returned or still Rp)

Old yahoo chat rooms I usually roamed that no longer exist thanks to criminal predators/solicitors.

Ayenee Realm chat rooms

Tavern of Silent Tears (ToST) An Eden-era offical RP chat room.

My Roleplaying Style

I am a freeform roleplayer and respectfully, I define that as while I follow nearly all of the general rules of RP, I may disagree with a select few traits of the T1 system and prefer to disacknowledge them. I will fully elaborate on this with an administrator or moderator for their judgement of my style of play when I return from work today if they like or possibly during this weekend and before making any IC posts or profiles; Make no mistake, I conform strictly to a standard once I get a feel for the nature of these forums. While this statement may raise red warning flags for you to watch me closely and rest your finger on the ban/warning button, and by all means I will not fight the critical eye of the fellow roleplayer; After all, without an us, there is no roleplay.

Key notes about my roleplaying style that I do not bend on.

All other things about my roleplay, are fair game to discuss and change.

I will never, ever auto another player's character OR npcs without explicit permission given by that player in an ooc message or forum post, and even then only for plot purposes almost without exception.

The accepted standard of T1(paragraph rp battle) I was taught was that attacks on other characters succeed only if they fail on defense, also that there is no real time limit for a response post.

I make it a personal habit of mine to be understood as fully as possible. Likely the reason for this rather robust post. Very often I stay in high OOC contact, even with adversaries.

I very strictly keep IC/OOC(In character / out of character) seperate. I know that a hobby is a hobby and when playing a character, I do not lose my head over things, I will not hold grudges for lost characters and will deliver my highest standard of respect when it's on call to do so.(Any roleplaying circumstance) I have a very minimal tolerance for (conscious)abuse of the IC/OOC seperations; Avoid crossing that very precarious line, and I can get along with you.

In many OOC situations outside of active roleplay I am quite sarcastic and somewhat synnical(Word murdered?) It will almost always be easily clear whether or not I'm serious about anything. If unsure don't be shy, ask me.

Regardless, it's very easy to distinguish when I'm serious about something and when I'm not.

My characters' usual strength range.

On a calculated rating scale of 1-5 I read in Aoyn, with 1 being undefeatable godlike character capable of anything and 5 being a normal person I typically operate between the numbers 3.2-3.7. This may not mean much because I didn't and won't copy someone else's creative work, but you'll probably get the idea.


All that aside, I've given you at the very least a grasp of whom I am. Moderators, or Administrators, if you'd like to arrange a time to talk about the important things I've said here(specifically IC rules and where they stand) so that we can spell out precisely what's to be expected of me, and what I can expect from your forums, I will be more than happy to oblige. I strongly recommend contact on skype do to my use of it on a daily basis. Till I understand your rules fully and how far my habits will be permitted to go, I'll remain without a character bio, and out of the IC world.

Till then,
Happy Roleplaying and I hope to be among your IC RP soon.


Post Script! That turned out a much longer post than I had planned to make. Amazing how something can get away from you like that.
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Location : Midwest

PostSubject: Demo!   Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:15 am

Thought you guys might appreciate seeing some of my past works, so I'm throwing up a post here for you guys to enjoy that's from the other RP website I am active on. So you get a general idea of me as a roleplayer.

This is a post for my oldest active character that I made and posted a couple months ago; It is a post I am considerably proud of as it's one of those posts where everything just seems to fit together in the thread it to which it's from. On a good day, you'll see posts like this one. I'd also like to add that my usual post length is two or three(Mostly) paragraphs of the size you see here. So this is actually a longer post for me.

If you have feedback you feel compelled to share, then throw it up.

This was from a 2 character(currently) roleplay.

Without further Adieu, please enjoy.


Character: Kalamos Trison

Forum of Origin for this post: TheDarkrealmz
Thread of Origin: "IC: Unfulfilled Desires"(Recently moved from that thread to a seperate thread just for it.)
New Thread Title: "IC: A Journey to Comradarie"

Post Title: The Union Of Past and Future

Kalamos glanced around, gauging his ability to pace against the weathers of the sky and measuring how much his emotions would tolerate the venture of attempting to evade dangerous evil; He considered the idea of attempting to wrest a small victory against the evils of the land, and began to speak as he thought, "I came here by choice, searching for a dark soul I long to be close to. Even among the darkest beings and monstrosities that wander this world Anderen, I have not found an evil whose darkness couldn't be illuminated." Looking at Anderen more closely Kalamos began to add, "I once lived by the blind belief that any evil I crossed with was beyond saving, and cut a bloody path through the world, even making a name for myself as one of many great defenders in 'glorious war.' At the frontlines of such hatred, if you ever have the misfortune to happen upon it..." Stepping away as he looked around and employed his tracking skills he continued, with a grim flourish to his voice, "You will purge evil from the world in screaming glory, your name will roar out across a field in a river of victory; But as you drink in the bitter drought of the slaughter you reap, and as the land dies around you, the praise will fall upon deaf ears. You will watch first hand, the faces of your victims as the light leaves their eyes." He paused and turned his head, looking Anderen in the eyes, "You will never... Cease to see their faces, or hear their cries. Their weeping will haunt you because, in the fullness of time you will realize that they weep because they are victims... Your victims. You will begin to wonder at that point how many people you have used to stain your sword, and if said staining was truly deserved."

His glanced around, as he found a large flat-top root and sat himself in front of it. He took a deep breath, before continuing, "Your deeds will become misdeeds as your newfound wisdom damns you to a prison of self-loathing; Barring you forever from your savior, forgiveness." His faced contorted to a tortured smile, "I have tread the dream you run towards, you will find nothing but pain down that path. Praise your fortunes for crossing paths with your would-be future, affording you the oppurtunity of warning before you chance to commit acts of likely regret." Drawing a deep nasal breath Kalamos pulled up a canister from his belt and gestured Anderen sit across him, withdrawing from the canister a map of considerable quality, and notable accuracy, "It so happens that I am a cartographer, an explorer, and a vagabond." The map had details of the lands south, west, southeast, and partial scribbles in the remaining directions. Some of Anderen's recently visited villages were on the map, none of which were up to date; The towns now having been reduced to destroyed ruins filled with dead bodies. He spoke with a note of pride, "I've been working on this for the past several days, should give us a fair idea of where we can head." He also withdrew a translucent parchment he draped over it, revealing scribbles of guessed locations, with notes of their reasons for being. On this thinned layer of scribing paper was the rumored castle, "Everything on this over-piece, is uncertain and likely inaccurate." Both map and draft map were quite artistic in design. "Everything on the under-piece I have personally seen. It would surprise you to find how many skills you can acquire when you don't spend every waking moment hunting denizens of evil. If you require we could stop at one of the local villages to resupply. Naught but a day or two of travel they are. What do you think?"

Taking a measured look at the map, he would add, "Once we're ready for longer travel I would be willing to travel north, I am accustomed to long treks in the wild. I presume you need to resupply. I suggest we avoid stirring up trouble in the north if we can. I don't believe we can have a direct impact on the events of the the brutal north, but I surmise we can push events in a better direction with a subtle approach." He paused to draw breath and continue, the experience of a strategic warrior in his speech, "I haven't met with any of them yet although I have seen telltale signs of scout patrols, probably border guards; Simple tracking skills have allowed me to evade detection, which given this new situation will be more difficult. I don't have enough information on them to know all the paths they take, but I've managed to evade two different parties without encounter. Although I have not seen any signs of them here, it doesn't mean they won't come this way; We best make our decision as best and hastily as possible." Indicating with his hand the locations he spotted patrols, "If they cross us and are as bloodthirsty as you say, there will almost definitely be battle. Pray fortune smiles on upon us." He stopped and awaited further feedback as he examined the map and weighed his knowledge closely against the choices they faced.
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Zeria Iiyasei

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PostSubject: Re: Salutations.   Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:26 pm

Hello and welcome! I'm your lovely admin, Zeria. This place has been getting a little dusty and I was looking for some new members to give it a boost. I'm sure with all that awesome experience you've got, you'll be able to help me get this place running awesome in no time. ^_^

Please do put up any roleplay ideas you have. We're all more than eager to try new things. =]

Zeria Iiyasei
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PostSubject: Re: Salutations.   

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