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 To Live Amongst Them - Sign Ups

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Zeria Iiyasei

Posts : 921
Join date : 2010-11-29
Age : 26
Location : Wandering the insanity of the shadow realm...

PostSubject: To Live Amongst Them - Sign Ups   Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:46 am

Welcome to a world where the children of the deities walk among us without us ever being the wiser. It is in this world that the gods are in a constant struggle for power, trying to learn the ways of the humans and bend them to their wills, or upon occasion, befriend them. Are you ready to join this world and be amongst the children of the gods?

The children are sent to live out their lives on the planet of mortals, in hopes of bringing about more companionship with those below. However, among these Gods and Goddesses, who sent their demigod kin to roam among mankind... an odd shadow looms. As the humans become more trusting, one of the children go missing... as does the parent. And then, another. But who could kidnap gods? Simple. Another god. But whom? No one knows...

To apply, please fill out the template below...

General Information
Title: (which god/goddess are you? ex: Minor goddess of the moon, God of Love, Goddess of Fire)
Pantheon: (Egyptian gods, Roman Gods, Greek Gods, etc. Which are you from?)
Age: (if you don't know, put N/A)
Appearance: (pictures are accepted)
Powers: (limit to 1 element)

Song: (character's theme song)
Other pictures: (any other images of weapons, etc that are detrimental to the character
Friends/companions: (other gods, humans, or creatures that spend time with your character)
Family: (parents and immediate siblings only)

Symbol 1: (any symbols that represent your character)
Symbol 2:
Animal: (any animals that your character is affiliated with. Ex: Athena and her owl)
Object: (any objects your character is known for. Ex: Zeus and his lightning bolts)

Personals OPTIONAL
Biggest regret:
Greatest memory:
Greatest fear:
Greatest Passion(s):
Truest Love/Crush:

Random Other Information
(anything I may have missed that you wish to add)

Zeria Iiyasei
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Zeria Iiyasei

Posts : 921
Join date : 2010-11-29
Age : 26
Location : Wandering the insanity of the shadow realm...

PostSubject: Re: To Live Amongst Them - Sign Ups   Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:31 pm

As for me...

General Information
Name: Nocta
Title: Goddess of Shadows
Pantheon: Greek
Age: N/A
Height: 5' 11"
Appearance: Either clad in shadows, or in dancers garb.


Personality: A very dark and mysterious soul who speaks very little. She is usually quite melancholy, and spends most of her time enshrouded in shadows that swirl about her lithe form reverently as though caressing her skin. She is very close with her family, ready to sacrifice anything to protect them. Is absolutely terrified of Hades because of his attempt to do horrid things to her. Due to said events, she has become addicted to the gods version of addictive alcohol called Ambrosia.
Weapons/Equipment: Shadows, Bell anklets, Blade-tipped whip
Powers: Control over all shadows and the density/shape/size of them.
History: Nocta was born amongst swirling shadows. She grew into full adulthood within a few weeks, however, because she was dark and beautiful, Hades himself became enamored of her. He tried to charm her, but she rejected him, so instead, he tried to force his lustful intentions upon her. Thankfully, a mysterious person came to her aid and rescued her. Since then, however, she has been a melancholy woman who speaks little, preferring to waste away her life in her condo, drinking Ambrosia to try and forget what has happened to her, or to spend time in her studio dancing or singing to very cryptically beautiful yet sad music. She lives now in Italy, in a condominium that has a studio built into the basement level of the building where Nocta dances...

Song: “An End Once And For All" from Mass Effect 3

Other pictures:
Family: Daughter to Nyx and Erebus,

Symbol 1: Swirling shadows
Animal: The Raven, one of which is usually known to fly around overhead and watch over her.
Object: A cup of ambrosia, which she is usually seen to be drinking.

Personals OPTIONAL
Biggest regret: Not taking Hades’ life when she had a chance.
Greatest fear: Hades returning to try and claim her for his again.
Weakness(es): Intense light, Addiction to Ambrosia
Strengths: When in complete darkness, Dance, Singing,
Greatest Passion(s): Song and Dance

Zeria Iiyasei
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To Live Amongst Them - Sign Ups
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